LED Wall Pack Lights

Posted by Nimitha on December 13th, 2019

Led wall pack lights or exterior building lights are terms that describe the outdoor lighting that is commonly mounted on the outside facing walls of buildings. Led wall pack lights are commonly used as illumination in the ground area. For property owners led wall pack is an added layer of security. The life span of the traditional LED wall packs is 40,000 or 100,000 hours and are available in different varieties, manufactured by leading brands like CSI LED & Hardware. They provide wide varieties of LED wall packs that are surely more energy efficient than metal halide lights. Normally, the wattages range from 25w to 96w and are not extremely expensive as well.

Most commonly used Led wall packs are LED Cut-Off Wall Packs and Dusk to Dawn Led Wall pack Light.

  • LED Cut-Off Wall Pack Lights
  • Dusk to Dawn Led Wall Pack Lights

LED Cut-Off Wall Pack Lights

 LED cut-off wall packs are commonly used for light up outdoors and designed for public places like hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, church etc. LED Cut-Off Wall Packs remove rising radiance contamination of the sky through nights. It is also energy efficient and no need of maintenance cost in the long run.

Dusk to Dawn Led Wall pack Lights

If you want to keep the property safe and your family protected, the better choice is dusk to dawn led wall pack lights. Dusk to Dawn Led wall packs is commonly used for security purposes and also available in different colour tones, wattages ranging from 15w to 40w, and life span between 25,000 and 100,000 hours. Dusk to Dawn Led wall pack lights is made with care to make sure that they are long-lasting and damage resistant.

There is some reason for using Led Wall pack Lights they are:

Low Energy Consumption

Metal halide and HID wall packs and other traditional lighting systems consume a large amount of energy and also they have a short life span. LED-wall pack lights use only 25-50% of the energy compared to the traditional lighting systems.

Minimal Maintenance Cost

LED wall packs are very long-lasting, so no need of replacement. They last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Owner has to spend some money to buy and install without any further maintenance cost incurred.

Great Light Quality

Led Wall Packs are commonly used for security purpose to protect the property and the people living in it with security at night so, high quality and bright light are required which is assured by the LED lights. The high-quality energy-efficient lighting that LED system offers is irreplaceable.

Benefits of using a LED Wall pack

  • The in-built photocell sensor will help the lights to automatically turn ON and OFF.
  • Have no flickering and humming sound
  • You can install them easily.
  • Don’t produce harmful UV radiations.
  • No mercury, halogen or other harmful substances inside them.
  • In addition to the parking places, you can use these LED wall pack lights at many other places as well including gardens, lawns, etc.

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