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Posted by andrewricegolf on December 13th, 2019

To attain higher scores, the player needs to hit the ball into the various holes using the fewest number of strokes possible. The courses where the game of golf is played can be 9 hole or 18 hole course. During play, golfers are also required to adhere to the golf etiquette. The guidelines cover a number of issues, including fairness, player and spectator safety, gaming progression and caring for the course.

Tips for playing golf

• Know how to align the clubface – most amateurs often make the costly mistake of getting their alignment wrong. To set the right alignment, you begin by checking the target behind the ball to get a proper perspective of the hole. Before making the stance, you also need to set the clubface behind the golf ball to ensure it is properly aligned to the target.

Get a good grip – to become a good golf player, you need to have a solid grip of your club. This can be attained by wearing the right gloves, learning how to handle your finger placements and placing the ungloved hand.

Pick the right club – most amateur golf players chose clubs based on the length; longer clubs are often used on longer holes and shorter club on shorter holes. When making this decision, it is important to pay close attention to the wind, obstacles and hidden dangers and the natural shot tendencies. The amount of force applied is also critical in achieving a good drive.

Finish the shot – players should always try to make a full finish by swinging all the way to the finish. Before you get started, you need to think about the full swing. This will help you stay focused, hit the ball right and relaxed throughout the game. The approach is also important in achieving a respectable position.

Learning how to play golf and improving your game is a process that takes time. Player can perfect their game by hiring a coach, attending golf classes and visiting resourceful golf blogs. Savannah Golf is one of the largest golf blogs and training centers. Players have the opportunity to interact with professional golfers as they learn and improve their playing skills. Savannah golf also offers information on important golf events and gaming tips.

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