Do you want to wash silk clothes? Know here how to do?

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In the past, silk was a luxury that was reserved for the pale rich. Today, on the other hand, you will find silk in many items of laundry, such as blouses, comforters or underwear. The natural fiber silk is spun by the small caterpillar mulberry spinner. What you should keep in mind when washing silk is here. This post is shared by Laundromat near me.

What's so special about fabric silk?

Silk is usually very smooth and therefore extremely comfortable to wear. Even allergic and allergic women tolerate the material usually good.

Silk is also very hygienic and durable. However, the fine fiber is not completely insensitive. The natural protein fiber has a structure similar to that of human hair and therefore does not tolerate friction, heat and many chemicals.

Silk is an animal fiber. It is made as a fine strand by the silkworms, which spin their cocoon out of it. The caterpillars must be killed in order to unwind the fine thread from the cocoon and to spin it into a thicker thread suitable for textiles.

The material silk has a slight antibacterial effect, regulates the body temperature in a meaningful way and is relatively durable, at least when dry. Because in order to win the silk thread for processing into textiles, the actual thread has to be spun and twisted several times. This results in a very tear-resistant thread on the thickness.

Depending on how the silk thread is processed, the resulting fabric may be more or less smooth, more or less transparent.

Silk is usually a little firmer and does not shine so much, satin has an extremely eye-catching sheen, and chiffon and taffeta are also silk fabrics. So-called raw silk has less shine because here the silk thread is used by the cocoon before the silk glue has been removed. For the textile industry, this heavier, stronger, and not so smooth, slightly yellowish silk is of minor importance - but it is still used occasionally.

Typical washing symbols on silk:

Whether your scarfs, silk blouses and garments may or may not be washed out of silk is indicated on the label in the garment. There should always go the first look. The laundry signs give concrete help on how to handle the laundry.

According to Laundromat near me, it also depends on how the silk was processed for the textile. Some pieces may only be treated in the dry cleaning, others are suitable for handwashing, and other pieces may be up to 30 ° C in the washing machine.

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