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Posted by Cadencealida on December 13th, 2019

Grinding Gear Games has been busy for a while, preparing to deliver The Atlas Conqueror, the largest expansion of The Path of Exile, tomorrow when they held the Reddit AMA, discussing cross-development, potential Switch ports, Vulkan, Linux, etc. problem.

AMA is hosted by veteran game designer Rory Rackham and co-founders Chris Wilson and Jonathan Rogers. The first problem is a multiplayer party game, which has a lot of long-standing problems, but there is nothing new in this area there is no effect opacity slider for the time being.

When asked if he was interested in ensuring that the path to exile supports cross-platform upgrades or Nintendo Switch ports, Wilson said they were very interested in both. However, the lack of endless resources or time means that these things will require more careful planning. In other words, not yet. The addition of new Exalted Orb also increases the playability of the game, providing more possibilities for players to play.

As for the changes brought by Atlas Conqueror, some players on the Path of Exile are worried that the change in the melee is too drastic, but Wilson emphasized that the change is far less bad than it sounds.

"The damage done to monsters is not as great as you think (and you can use the new stats to reduce physical damage reduction map mods), the new Influence modifier will mean that new methods of making melee weapons are available, and always there are some cool new mechanisms that can be used. However, we do not expect melee to be popular because there are not too many shiny new things in this patch, which is normal in a meta-cycle. " But melee is not impossible to play. If the player Buy POE Currency, then no matter what the role changes, it ca n’t affect it.

There was also some discussion of Linux support for Path of Exile, and we were optimistic about how GGG announced Vulkan ports and Mac clients. Developers seem worried about the amount of support this move will require, but they say they can always limit it to choosing a distribution, which is no different than what Steam does for Linux support.

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