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Posted by Bookyouroffice on December 13th, 2019

Engaging an expert is a very traditional approach when it comes to finding a new office. An old-fashioned way, if we might  – signing a traditional lease, entering into onerous contracts, upfront investments and whatnot. But with changing times, corporates are in favor of moving into ready-to-use offices or temporary workspaces with the help of online marketplaces for such spaces. There are various reasons to do so; some of which are as follows: 

  1. You get to check out all the options and choose the best one!

Searching for a ready-to-use office on your own is a daunting task. You can only check the websites of the workspaces that you are aware of, but miss out on other places in the process. With the availability of an online marketplace like BookYourOffice, you can just find all the workspaces in one go, without having the trouble to scan the whole wide web. On BookYourOffice, you can type in the location of your choice and see all the available workspaces in and around it. 

  1. You get to compare hundreds of options

Putting together information from individual websites to compare their offering is a tedious task, right? With the availability of online marketplaces, you can just filter the office spaces by your preference and then compare them - just at the click of one single button. Could shortlisting and booking a workspace that satisfies your needs BE any easier?.

  1. You only get verified information - No Faux Pas

Is the website you’re surfing of a real workspace? Or you’re just signing yourself to receive spam calls from random brokers? This doubt crosses the mind more frequently than you’d think. On an aggregator platform, like BookYourOffice, you can find the information in a transparent manner with each and every workspace properly named and marked on the map along with other necessary information like the pricing, pictures, and amenities being offered. So, cheers to a worry-free workspace-searching.

  1. Your satisfaction is the only Brokerage Amount we’ll ask!

The best things in life are for free and that stands true for BookYourOffice too. Anyone can access the information on workplaces totally free of cost along with a very transparent pricing mechanism for workplaces. We do not levy either markup prices nor any kind of booking fees. 

  1. Honest Reviews & Ratings 

A broker, on being asked about a workspace, will always tell you what you want to hear and not give you “real” feedback. On BookYourOffice, you can simply click on the reviews section of a workplace and see for yourself, what the people (who currently work there/have previously worked there) have to say about the workspace. Doesn’t matter if it’s the wow factor, or constructive criticism or just plain outright rejection, you will find them all, to decide for yourself whether or not it is appropriate enough for you. 

  1. Need assistance? You just have to ask!

What would you do if you’ve too many choices to pick from and you need some assistance? You can just call our helpline number or drop a text to our customer care assistants over chat. Our team of Customer Service would be having an answer/solution to all your questions - whether it’s about pricing or the amenities that are being offered.

  1. Best Price? You got it!

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Because when you can get something for less, why pay more? The prices of workspaces listed on BookYourOffice are just specifically quoted prices by the workspace partners themselves. Without ANY markups. And we assure you that we will help you negotiate the best price in the market, and won’t settle for anything else.

  1. Flexibility in payment methods!

Most of the users who are looking for ready-to-use or temporary workspaces are small corporates that don’t pay in cash. Also, the value of the booking is large enough to make cash payments unfeasible for most. With BookYourOffice, instead of having to involve your accounting team to pay, you can just pay for your workspace online with us. With a wide variety of payment services being included, including payments by debit/credit cards, online banking, wallets, et cetra, you can just have a hassle-free transaction.

  1. Last-minute changes? We got you covered! NO CANCELLATION FEES!

Last-minute changes are common and often beyond control, and booking an office falls on the same plane. With us, you don’t have to pay for cancellation or rescheduling for your booking, if need be. Just inform our customer service assistants, and let us take care of it all.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try BookYourOffice to know for yourself how thousands before you have benefited from booking workspace with us online.For more informatin: Co-working Space in Delhi

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