Awake Brain Surgery – Know Its Significance, Benefits, And Risks

Posted by vivek choudhary on December 13th, 2019

Awake brain surgery also referred to as awake craniotomy is a typical procedure that’s conducted on the brain while you remain awake and your alertness is maintained. According to the best neurosurgeon in India awake brain surgery is primarily done for the treatment of some neurological conditions which include a few types of brain tumors or seizures caused due to epilepsy.

  • You might be in want of an awake brain surgery if a tumor or the epileptic focus, which is actually the area of your brain where seizures take place, is proximate to the parts of your brain responsible for controlling vision, speech, or movement.
  • In the midst of the awake brain surgery, a neuro surgeon India may keep on asking you questions and monitoring the activities taking place in your brain as you respond accordingly.
  • It may be noted that your responses are very helpful in giving assistance to your neurosurgeon in India to ensure that the correct treatment is carried out exactly in the area where the brain needs surgery.
  • The procedure also helps lower the potentials of damages caused to different functional areas of your brain that possibly will have an impact on your vision, speech, and movement.

What is the significance of awake brain surgery?

  • If a brain tumor calls for surgical removal or a part of your brain causing epileptic seizures requires treatment by means of surgical intervention, neurologist doctors and surgeons see to it that no damage is inflicted on the area of your brain that exerts influence to your linguistic, speech, and motor skills.
  • In fact, it becomes quite difficult to locate these areas precisely prior to the execution of surgery.
  • Awake brain surgery as a foremost epileptic paralysis treatment in India empowers a surgeon to accurately know the areas of your brain that control important functions and hence the surgeon steers clear of them.

What benefits does an awake brain surgery come up with?

  • It minimizes the risks of damage caused to critical areas of your brain
  • With the help of real-time feedback related to the patient’s neurological and cognitive functions, it’s possible to increase safety while the brain tumor is removed
  • It enables doctors to eliminate the maximum portion of the brain tumor
  • It helps patients to improve their quality of life


  • As is the case with any surgical procedure, here also, in the case of awake brain surgery, some risks are involved.
  • These risks associated with this unique surgical neurologist treatment include:

o   Changes in your vision

o   Difficulty with speech

o   Impaired coordination

o   Inflammation of the brain

o   Lack of concentration while learning

o   Leakage of spinal fluid

o   Loss of memory

o   Meningitis

o   Presence of excessive fluid in the brain

o   Seizures

o   Stroke

o   Weakening of muscles

o   Wobbly balance

At Paras, the best neurosurgery hospital in Delhi, a team of specialists will devote enough time to thoroughly gain an understanding of your health condition and concerns. At Paras, treatment and care are custom-tailored to meet your individual healthcare necessities. Our medical specialists from multidisciplinary areas of expertise band together to come up with the best possible outcomes, service, and safety related to awake brain surgery.

At Para, the best neurology hospital in Delhi, a team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, and speech and language experts treats and cares for your condition before, for the period of, and following your awake brain surgery.

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