What are the Common Female Urology Troubles

Posted by vivek choudhary on December 13th, 2019

The urological disease is known as urology troubles. It arises within the urinary tract of a human’s body, but mostly in the women. Urological diseases include infections, kidney stone, bladder management issue, and prostate issues. Few of it lasts for a short period whereas rests are long-lasting.

According to the best urologist in Panchkula, mostly women are unaware of urological disorders. They are unaware of how these arise, and these can be treated. In this blog, we will seek proper guidance on the varieties of urological disease that are common in women.

  • Urinary incontinence after pregnancy

The unintentional leakage after laughing, sneezing, jumping, and coughing is very common in the women in their late 30s. It usually occurs after giving the birth because of excessive weight adds on to such leakage. Sometimes, it also indicates the overactive bladder within a women’s body. It starts from the stage of pregnancy and lasts after the delivery as well.

  • UTI

UTI refers to the urinary tract infection that arises because of a bacterial attack on the linings of the tract. It causes pain and itchiness while urinating and also affects the regular appearance of urine. As per the best kidney doctor in Chandigarh, UTI also evokes a feeling going to pee constantly even though there is no movement. The burning sensation arises in this situation because of damage bacteria has caused to the bladder.

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction

The bowl of muscles securing the bladder, rectum, and vagina is known as the pelvic floor. The muscles at the time of childbirth get damages and become irritated following the swelling around it. Those muscles need to rest while urinating and passing a bowel. It also acts as a restriction at the time of intercourse, causing pain in the lower back and frequent feeling or urinating.

  • Ureteral and Kidney stones

The formation of crystals in the urine and small particles surrounding it results into the stones. Ureteral stone are those stones that pass from the kidney to ureter. The kidney hospital in Chandigarhexplains that the stones act as a restriction for the flow of urine and causing unbearable pain. Many women that notice the expelling of smaller sized stone from the body without medical assistance, but the more extensive sized calls for the medical attentions such as surgery or laser treatment.

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

The fall out of organs nearby the vagina caused by the weak spots in its wall and muscles is known as pelvic organ prolapse. In most of the cases, it occurs with the hernia of the vagina. It happens when the pelvic muscles get injured at the time of delivery. It has several signs, including a sensation of swelling in the vagina and discomfort while sitting, such as pain in the vagina.

The top urologist in Chandigarh suggests that it is essential for the patients to recognize the symptoms of these disorders. After noticing the signs, they shouldn’t delay in getting a check-up or a proper treatment before it gives rise to variants of organ failure or cancer.

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