Swimming Training Tips: How to Improve Swimming Kick

Posted by Smart Swim Academy on December 13th, 2019

Sometimes, most swimmers are being dragged backwards because of their swimming kick. Fortunately, even if you were not accurately taught when you are still a kid, you can still implement a few swimming training tips easily and this can help you improve your swimming kick. There is actually a simple way for you to be able to improve your kicking power dramatically, even if you do have bad ankle flexibility. Kids Swimming Classes KL

There are 3 major keys that must be remembered to be able to correct the kicking technique when it comes to swimming or while you are in a swimming training. Swimmers must learn how to turn their feet, particularly the big toes, inwards and in the opposite direction as to where they are swimming. Aside from that, the swimmers feet should stay underwater while breaking the water using the back of the feet by less than an inch on the up kick. Most swimmers will be able to get the first point correctly, even if it is not demonstrated to them, as it may come naturally during their kick, but the second point is something that should be understood and learned very well.

The area of the feet which is being used to apply pressure on the water should be increased in order to increase the propulsion that is being generated from the swimmer's kick. This should be done by turning the swimmer's feet inwards, into the direction where the body's center line is. This can also help increase the ability of the ankles to flex during the kick motion, without having to increase the flexibility of the ankles. Make sure that both the feet and legs are relaxed during the period of the kick to help increase the flexibility of the legs. Private Swimming Lessons KL

One of the most common mistakes being done by swimmers is when they do their kicks while their feet are too high in the water. Ideally, this should be done with the heel just slightly breaking the water's surface, but most of the time; swimmers often kick with their feet outside the water on an up kick. You should remember that this will cause you to lose most of your kicking power, due to the fact that feet which are out of the water will not be able to apply pressure into the water for it to generate speed. To create a powerful kick, you have to make sure that both your legs and your feet remain in the water, using your heels alone to break the water surface. Kids Swimming Lessons KL

You will be able to feel an increase in the power of your swimming kick when doing a butterfly, freestyle and backstroke if you can apply the principle of kicking with your feet submerged in the water. For those who have struggled with their swimming kicks, this may be the best solution for you as well, but if you can apply other techniques and master them, and then it can be your first step to becoming a great kicker. You should remember that all it takes is hard work and patience.

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