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When consumers buying high heeled Tank, they frequently face the option between frequency inverter and high-frequency inverter. For the purposes of inverter producers, clearly, they believed to be their own good. Supplying frequency inverter manufacturers state high-frequency inverter reliability and stability; large frequency inverter manufacturers state high-frequency inverter to conserve space, comparatively low price. In reality, the frequency and high-frequency inverter ultimately is better, it's hard to generalize, and also we could say benefits and pitfalls. Users should fully understand the foundation of both of these inverter models, according to an objective look at their software and demands, to pick the goods they require.

Variable Frequency Drive and high-definition audio relies on the energy inverter frequency circuit layout to differentiate. Frequency inverter based on conventional principles of analog circuit design, with a thyristor (SCR) rectifier, IGBT inverter, frequency and bypass step-up isolation . Its working frequency rectifiers and transformers are frequency 50Hz, as its name implies is known as frequency . 

IGBT may be applied to the control gate driver to control the flip off and on, IGBT rectifier switching frequency is usually in the tens of kHz into several or up to hundreds of kHz, much greater than the frequency inverter, therefore called for its high-frequency inverter.

At the frequency inverter circuit, three-phase AC input road after commutation inductance, obtained three SCR rectifier bridge arms written converted to a DC voltage by controlling the rectifier bridge SCR conduction angle to correct the output DC voltage worth. Since SCR semi-controlled apparatus, the management system may control the opening stage, when the SCR is turned on, even when gate push to reverse, you can't turn off, and the present is zero wait until the away obviously, so the turn-on and turn-off are located on a frequency cycle, there's not any high frequency off and on control. Since SCR rectifier flex dollar rectifier, so the DC bus voltage from the inverter output AC input AC voltage ratio , to create the output voltage is available using a constant voltage of 220V, the increase has to be raised isolation transformer from the inverter output.

By comparison, the high-frequency inverter rectifying part increase rectifier, DC bus summit output voltage compared to the input voltage is large, typically typical value of approximately 800V, in the event the battery is directly connected to the bus, then the essential standard battery segment 67 requires the amount of segments, into the practical use of these fantastic limitations. It's usually inverter will configure another battery voltage converter, the recharging is standard once the battery bus voltage to 800V battery voltage; mains failure or overrun, the battery pack voltage converter to increase high bus voltage to 800V. Since high frequency inverter bus voltage of approximately 800V, so the inverter output phase voltages could be straight reaches 220V, the inverter is no longer needed following the jelqing transformer. Therefore, without an isolation transformer is your principal gap frequency and high-frequency inverter on the inverter construction.

Isolation transformer principle of electromagnetic induction, electricity supply or sign electrically isolated apparatus. Isolation transformer from the inverter are often designed in the root of the inverter, the inverter can function to grow the load-side energy quality performance improvement activity. 


Inverter output isolation transformer can be set up electric isolation between the input and output relations, thus effectively reducing the output signal of voltage. Considering that the secondary winding of the isolation transformer Y-shaped link, create a new zero line following neutral earth, in order to attain the intent of decreasing zero voltage. In reality, HP, IBM, SUN minicomputers as to guarantee high precision calculating ability and reliable data processing and transmission capacities, for zero voltage is going to have very substantial requirements, the installation of an isolation transformer can resolve because zero voltage bias a few of those issues brought on by high.

2. The filtered load of the harmonics and enhance the quality of electricity supply

Isolation transformer itself contains inductance. Output isolation transformer can filter out a high number of low-order harmonics in the load, decrease high-frequency interference and may make a substantial attenuation of high harmonics. Employing electricity isolation transformer can be efficiently curbed fleeing AC noise disturbance, enhance electromagnetic compatibility.


Because of its features, the inverter isolation transformer is functioning in the most secure device. Inverter during regular operation, in case you encounter a sizable short-circuit present, the transformer will create back electromotive force, reevaluate the effects of short-circuit present load and inverter harm, has the effect of protecting the load from the inverter host.

4. Shield the load when UPS flaws 

High Definition AC/DC conversion segment uses high-frequency layout, to enhance the inverter input power factor (0.98 or more) and also an input voltage range, DC/AC inverter component of this high frequency lowers the output inductor volumetric power density. Output isolation transformer has the capacity to"pass DC AC immunity" can resolve such issues, when rotational collapse empowers the secure functioning of their load


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