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Window Cleaning: Get More Bang For Your Buck

Posted by dublinwindowcleaning on December 15th, 2019

Window Cleaning: Get More Bang For Your Buck

From homes to business establishments, educational facilities, medical centres and government institutions, window cleaning needs vary. What is common across the board is that the windows in the buildings come under all sorts of abuse from the elements, the dirt and grime that accumulates on them, issues like insect residue, to cases of bird droppings on the sills. Graffiti work for the buildings in those zones where there are plenty of "artists" who choose to showcase their work on your property, or you were in a location where there were recent protests and your building bore the brunt of it, smoke and pollutants for those homes and business premises that are close to busy streets, mineral deposits from acid rain- they ruin the windows, taking away their appeal. Hard water spots, be it from the sprinkler out in the yard that got droplets onto your unit, or those scenarios where you decide to spray down your windows with the garden hose, and in the process wind up with the hard water spots after the droplets evaporate from the glass- they make the windows appear messy. For storefronts and commercial facilities that were running promotions and put up posters on the windows, when the time comes to take down the posters there may be adhesive residue that remains on the glass- especially the stubborn stickers. It all calls for a thorough window cleaning. For those post-construction jobs, things are taken up a notch. mortar particles, cases of paint that gets sprayed onto the glass, silicone, and cement residue- they need more resources to get rid of them. All these scenarios are covered by professional window cleaning services. As the situations vary from one case to the next, you want to ensure that you get a good deal for your installation. There are different factors that affect the pricing structure. These include:

  • The state of the windows

When did you last have them cleaned? As your dealing with layers of dust on the glass panes and grime on the sill, or is it a case of cement and mortar deposits that has caked onto the surfaces- such as with those buildings where there were recent construction works? Were they worked on last month or are you dealing with grime that has accumulated on the windows for years? If you have not had your windows cleaned for long- or ever, certainly there will be more grime to deal with. On the other hand, with routine window cleaning sessions, it’ll probably be simply a quick job to keep your installation in top shape. A thorough cleaning also encompasses the surrounding structures- from the sills and frames, to the window screens. These facts will determine the type of equipment that will be needed for the process. A site visit by the window cleaning personnel will enable them to assess the situation and explain to you the options that are on the table- that way you can make a well-informed decision.

  • Location and size of the windows

How accessible are they? Ground-floor windows and those in high rise buildings require different equipment when dealing with them. The location also deals with aspects such as whether the windows are at the front and centre of the building where they can easily be got to, or for those that are on the back and side and the personnel will need to navigate around trees and shrubs. 

With the size, it’s straightforward: the larger the windows, the more the surface area that needs to be covered. Casement windows and the picture windows are in different categories, and so are the Jalousie windows and skylights. Bow and bay installations, slider windows, single-hung and double-hung units- they each have their cleaning requirements, especially when it comes to dealing with both the interior and exterior side of the windows.

  • The company that you’re hiring

Window cleaning companies are not the same. They have their different methods of approach, from the equipment they use, safety measures put in place, to principles such as emphasising on eco-friendly processes for the task. Are the employees skilled? What is the track record of the company? How long has it been in business and what do its clients have to say about it? Here, be careful about the pricing. Going for the companies with rock-bottom prices is more likely than not to leave you frustrated, or even counting losses due to damages being made. When a company is offering really cheap window cleaning services, it means that there has been a compromise that has been made along the way. Perhaps it is relying on personnel without sufficient skills, using poorly tuned machinery, or not insured for the services. This exposes you to a wide range of problems, from the window cleaning not being done to the required standards, to the installation getting damaged- glass breakages, corroded seals, ruined window channels and frames- all because of the inappropriate methods being used. You don’t want to trust your property to a fly-by-night company. 

There are also the infamous bait-and-switch tactics being used, where you’re drawn in with an attractive price, only for hidden costs to be brought up down the road, forcing you to dig deeper into your wallet to get the job done. Without insurance coverage, you’re not protected for damages that occur during the process, meaning that you will be forced to incur the costs of repair. All this comes with the worries, quarrels and frustrations during the job itself, since disagreements are bound to crop up. Avoid it by going for companies that are ran a transparent manner, where you know exactly what you’re walking into. From customer services that engage with you professionally, detailed quotations breaking down what is being paid for, to reliable personnel who walk you through the various processes that will be used to ensure that you are well versed with it right from the onset- this smoothens out the process, giving you peace of mind. 

Window Cleaning: Get More Bang For Your Buck

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