Functions of the band and the support belt for pregnancy

Posted by Nich Crump on December 15th, 2019

You enter a maternity boutique and see pieces of clothes hanging on mannequins. They are not lingerie or underwear. You see a bra, although its size is beyond the normal 36D cup. There are elastic belts and colored bands. You wonder what kind of underwear they wear, so you ask the sales assistant. She replies that they are underwear for pregnant women.

Support bands and belts for pregnancy are functional anyway for pregnant women. They are used to hold the chest, abdomen, and back. During pregnancy, women experience pain in the pelvic area and groin. This is because the body excretes relaxin, a hormone that calms the ligaments and muscles of the pelvis and causes the pelvic muscles to move during body movement, causing pain. In most cases, the pelvic area has difficulty transporting heavyweight over the abdomen. When this happens, the muscles swell, resulting in body pain.

Studies show that 50% of women experience body pain during pregnancy, 8% of whom experience severe body pain. There are even cases where maternity body pain results in disability. Support bands and belts for pregnancy prevent disability and reduce body pain. They provide support to the entire body structure. When can you wear maternity belts and bands?

Support bands for pregnancy are used at the beginning of the first trimester of pregnancy. The belly expands. Your clothes fit more into your body. Similarly, your protruding belly is shown between your blouse and skirt or pants. A pregnancy support band covers your belly, allowing you to wear pre-maternity clothes. It seems that the tube tops are under the cardigans and shirts.

A pregnancy support band allows you to wear pre-maternity jeans. Sometimes, jeans fit the thighs and legs, but they can no longer buckle or buckle due to the large size of the belly. The support bands hold the jeans at your waist without having to button or close them. They lift jeans like common belts.

They can wear the best maternity support belts for pregnancy not only during pregnancy but also during postpartum recovery. You can use it to cover the belly when breastfeeding your newborn baby. By using support bands, you can breastfeed your baby at home.

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