Madden 20: features that players will miss

Posted by Cadencealida on December 16th, 2019

The Madden NFL Franchise is a video game series released annually with updated graphics, roster, gameplay and other features that coincide with the NFL's real football season. Each game has multiple game modes, including local battle options, players can control the entire series of modes, online game modes, and more.

To improve over the years, some features have been added and removed from various parts of this series. Although there are multiple reasons for removal, not every change is the best choice, and many supporters want to see multiple features restored in the game. Of these, these are the popular features we have seen over the years, and many of us hope to see them in the future.

Superstar mode was introduced in Madden 06. It is a professional mode suitable for players who want to make a player the only player through the NFL experience and control only that player throughout their career. With the introduction of the Connected Career in Madden 13, the superstar model and franchise model combined to create a fully integrated experience. Although the superstar mode requires players to spend a lot of MUT 20 Coins, and sometimes even needs to Buy Madden 20 Coins to achieve the goal, but still a lot of players are intoxicated in this mode. The new model does not provide the same drawing experience or the same progress from novice to retirement. Once experienced fans will miss the realism it provides, and it may be worth considering splitting these modes again.

If you use the current version of the franchise model, you will find that your coaching role is constantly seeking to improve their reconnaissance, offensive calls, defensive calls, and more. Although this is a clean and simple toolkit for casual observers, it is not close to reality. The football team has multiple coaching assistants and coordinators. These people play different roles in making the life of the head coach easier. Although hiring a coordinator was once a fundamental part of the game, this is no longer the case, and omissions are an obvious loophole, and fans are eager to see a return.

Last year, this category might just mention the ability to create custom teams, which hasn't appeared in a while. Players can form their team by purchasing player card using MUT 20 Coins. As with Madden 20, this is no longer the case, and even the ability to relocate teams has been removed. For years, this was the mechanism that players used to get the desired logo and uniform design, which was included in the league. Some people have speculated why it was relocated. Compared to other items, including this feature does not help the game's realism, but it can provide peace of mind for many old players.

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