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The Best Plan To Celebrate Kidsí Book Week With Classroom Activities

Posted by FancyDressCostumes on December 15th, 2019

During book week celebrations, most people in Australia look for the right book week costume. However, it is also important to consider activities that will motivate the kids to play and enhance their intelligence. Book week is all about encouraging children to read in a fun way. Here are some lesson plans for book week.

Book buffet

It is always a good idea to pique the interest of students in reading books from various types of genres. Different children have different interests when it comes to reading. Always make sure you understand your children and encourage them using the genres they are interested in. this doesn’t mean that children should only read books they are interested in. you can encourage them to read other books too.

Book report gallery

You will need a camera to create a bulletin board for book week. A book report gallery is very important during book week.

Special reading fun

During book week, a lot of schools in Australia celebrate reading. You can recognise the special book weekday with a few reading lessons plans. Make sure you come up with good reading projects and make it fun.

Activities for book week

Getting kids to read books is often very hard. You have to come up with various activities that interest kids to get them in the reading mode. You can create reading competitions where you award kids that crack some of the hardest vocabularies. However, when you do this, also look for a way of rewarding those kids who aren’t good so that they can improve their reading skills. You can also create book week costumes in Australia for kids. Let the kids choose to dress like their favourite book characters.

Musical books

You can come up with musical books to encourage young readers. Place chairs back to back in a line and put a book under each chair. Let every child sit on a chair. The kids march around the chairs as the teacher starts the music. After a few minutes, the teacher stops the music and the kids sit down and start to read the book under their chair. The music is then started again after a few minutes. After the game, the books are kept in a special box. The kids may later read the entire book later on.

Scavenger hunt

You can divide the class into teams and give each team a copy of the same book. Let the kids find the page numbers of particular events, objects or people in the book. The winning team is given a reward.

Name that book

You can explain to your students how the title and cover of a book is important. Read a book to your students and hide the title and the cover. After reading the book, give each child a piece of paper. Let them draw what they think the cover is all about. Let them give the book a title. Finally, share what every child wrote with the rest of the class. These ideas coupled with the right book week costume in Australia can encourage your kids to read in a fun way.

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