When Is The Best Time To Start Looking For New Apartments?

Posted by Michael Griffin on December 16th, 2019

If you’re having a hard time finding an affordable apartment close to your office, it might not be the right time for apartment hunting. Timing matters as much as availability when looking for new apartments in Denver. During some months of the year, apartment complexes might be in higher demand than during other months causing hikes in the rent. Similarly, during some months more flats may be empty than other months. The date on which you approach the landlords may also help you make a bargain. Depending on your preferences and other factors, here’s how you should time your flat hunting:

Best Season To Find New Apartments
If you want to find a new home, summer is the best time to do it. At this time, a lot of people are moving out to new places, like graduates moving to a place close to their new office or families moving to a new place during summer break. So, they leave behind many places empty that you can occupy. It’s also easier to relocate during the summer thanks to the warm climate.

But because there are so many people relocating in this season, the demand for new rentals is high meaning the prices are also high. So despite there being more rooms available, you will end up paying more in summer.

Best Season To Find Cheap Apartments
If you want to find apartments at cheap rates, then winter is the time to do it. This is because people don’t like relocating during the winter due to biting cold wind. So, if there’s an empty apartment available this season, the landlord might be keen on renting it to someone to avoid losing on that month’s income. So you can negotiate for a better deal when relocating in winter.

But because fewer people are moving out this season, it means there are fewer rooms available. Also, you’ll have to worry about biting cold winds when you relocate.

Best Time Before Moving Out
If your landlord doesn’t feel like renewing the lease or if you need to relocate due to a new job, you need to start your search early. Not too early though. Looking for new apartments in Denver three months before is pointless because most landlords don’t want to wait that long before filling their rooms with new tenants. On the other hand, a month might not be enough to find a new home on time. You might end up paying more than needed to secure a place on time. So, start your search around thirty to sixty days before moving out.

Best Time Of The Month To Move Out
The time of the month you approach a landlord might help you make a good bargain. Most lease terms end during the beginning or end of the month. So, many people are moving out on or before the 1st of the next month. If the landlord hasn’t already found new tenants, they might be keen on giving you the keys for a good price so that they don’t lose out on that month’s income. So approach landlords about the availability of new flats at the end of the month for good deals, in most cases.

The major issue with this strategy is that it’s risky. There’s a chance that the current tenant may renew the lease or someone else might land the deal in the first week while you wait till the end. So, use this strategy only if you aren’t in a rush and have a failsafe option.

Many communities offer prorated rates if you join in the middle of the month, i.e. you just have to pay rent equivalent to the number of days left in the month if you shift in the middle of it. So, you might want to search for these apartments in the middle of the month.

So to sum it up, winter is the best season to find cheap apartments but you won’t find as many as you will during the summer. Relocating at the end of the month could also get you better deals except for a few places that offer prorated rent.

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