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Renewing AVG license can be done in multiple ways, and then you can enter it on the avg.com/retail site. The process to install avg with license number from www.avg.com/retail and activation at www.avg.com/activation is valid for 1 to 2 years, depending on your subscription. Some users may have canceled the subscription option but want to continue the premium version of AVG antivirus. Or maybe the license has been expired, and you wish to renew it. Then check below the following methods –


Renew AVG subscription


Here are methods to renew AVG subscription. You can follow any of them if any of method doesn’t work for you, then maybe you are using wrong activation key on avg.com/retail , or maybe you are not using the correct link www.avg.com/activation to install avg with license number and activate it.

1. Renew via an expiration email

2. Renew via a notification from your AVG application

3. Renew via AVG Account


Renew via an expiration email

When you activated the setup from www.avg.com/retail page, you would have got a confirmation mail there.

Similarly, an mail would have been sent to your email. To renew via email, follow below –

1. Open your email inbox.

2. Look for the message from AVG Technologies. Open the message Subscription Renewal Reminder.

3. Hit the button RENEW NOW.

4. Here, you must submit the payment details and contact information.

5. Click CONTINUE and follow display instructions.


Renew via a notification from your AVG application

If you are currently running the setup on device, then look for the renew information and follow below steps –

1. Check the information whenever it appears on the screen.

2. Tap on RENEW NOW.

3. Enter the details and complete the payment.

4. Click CONTINUE and follow the guidelines.


Renew via AVG Account

Here, you must have an AVG account where you can renew the license using your AVG login account. Follow below-

1. Go to  open your AVG account by entering the AVG login details. 

2. Open the activate and expired subscriptions list.

3. Now, on the last expired subscription, click on the button RENEW NOW.

4. Follow the instruction showing on the screen.


Once you renew the license number, you can download the updated version from the avg.com/retail page. To install avg with license number , visit www.avg.com/retail site and activate it through www.avg.com/activation URL. Scan you device and get protected.

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