How to reinstall Webroot with key code?

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The reinstallation of the Webroot with key code is needed if your software corrupted somehow, or you could not download the setup correctly from site. Webroot is prominent in securing the online and offline threats that every device is suggested to have. It is compatible with Windows PC/laptop, Mac PC/laptop, Windows RT, Android, and iOS.


Why can you need to reinstall the Webroot ?

There can be multiple reasons that you may feel to reinstall the Webroot on your system. Here are the reasons below:

1. You may not have downloaded the setup completely from 

2. If you entered the incorrect Webroot code during installation.

3. Sometimes mistakenly, the user deletes important files or tools of software that make hassle in running the software later.

4. Visiting incorrect link.

5. If there is any conflicting software in your device, then Webroot won’t work.

6. In case, if any virus is present on your device, it might stop antivirus running on the system.

7. Sometimes not updating the software also can run slow.


Where to get Webroot key code?

You have two options to get the Webroot with Key code, one is offline, and the other is an online purchase. If you are going to offline purchase, then you can go to a nearby Webroot store or retail store, where you need to purchase a retail card, and then you can redeem the activation code on the backside of the card. If you want to go through online purchase, then you can visit online stores such as Walmart or Bestbuy, there once purchased, you will get the code on email inbox with 20-digits code as xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. You can then activate it on URL.


Reinstall Webroot with key code –

Before you reinstall the Webroot, you must uninstall the previous version form your device. The best way to reinstall the Webroot with key code is to remove the previous one and then install it again from site.

Uninstall Webroot antivirus –

· Open the Menu.

· Go to control panel

· Click on remove/uninstall button

· From the given list, remove the Webroot software.

· Once done, close the window.


Reinstall Webroot antivirus now –

1. Ensure that you have an activation code.

2. Go to URL.

3. Enter your email and Webroot key code.

4. Hit the NEXT button.

5. Once the email and keycode verified, go to the product list.

6. Here, click on DOWNLOAD NOW on the product you want to reinstall.

7. Hit the SAVE FILE button.

8. Locate the file on your computer or laptop.

9. Double-tap on the downloaded file and install it with Webroot key code.

10. Do not remove any of file or folder from the downloaded setup. Otherwise, you may feel interruption during installation.


If you don’t want to visit site or don’t want to reinstall it online, then you may try relaunching the setup. Once you uninstall the software, you can go to the setup file location and double- tap on the setup icon. Now, it will prompt for installation. You can follow on-screen instructions and install it again. But this will work only if your download setup is completed on the system.

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