Can you become a professional gamer using the internet?

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Being a good gamer is never easy, there are hurdles on the way and when you talk about being pro – whoa, that is a completely new level of determination and energy. Becoming a professional gamer isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible as well.

How can the Internet help you with this conquest?

Once you start reading this list you’d know that it’s going to be a bumpy ride for you making a name in the lists of pro gamers but what’s most important is your internet service. Choosing a good internet service provider in your area is the first and most essential part of you becoming a professional gamer. You can in no way be a part of a game with a pathetic internet connection that buffers too long and speeds to low. This would jeopardize your game as well as the dream to be a pro gamer. Moreover, your team members would have issues trusting you in important positions. Whether you’re just practicing or actually playing an online tournament – the most important thing you need is a good ISP to have your back.

When thinking of getting an internet connection for your gaming needs – keep the following point to prioritize in mind;

  • No Caps – if there is a limit on your data then the internet connection would start getting slow as soon as it reaches the monthly limit. It will stay the same until the new month arrives and you cannot afford this in gaming.
  • High Speed – make sure that the speed offered by your choice of internet connection matches that of the game. Different games require different internet speeds to match their details.
  • Latency – measure the time it takes for the information or data to be processed using your choice of internet. The lower the latency the better your internet connection will be for gaming. Please note that it is different from download speed.
  • Jitter – familiarize yourself with the variants in your latency. This can reduce your gaming efficiency by manifold. If this happens then you would have to change your Wi-Fi router.
  • Packet Loss – sometimes the information is delivered but never makes it back in time. It’s like it just disappeared. Therefore, before finalizing the deal with an ISP make sure their packet loss is less than 2%.

How to Become a Professional Gamer?

Here’s a list of things you need to check off when such a thought or want crosses your mind.

1.      Choose a game

Make the right choice of a game, you don’t need to go about playing a zillion games – just pick one and ace it.

2.      Stay Motivated

Motivation is what would help you get through the long gaming hours. Just remember that you want to show your family that playing games are not a lost cause – they aren’t spending their money on just anything and plus let’s not forget the fun factor.

3.      Practice makes Perfect

Practice, practice, and practice. You need a calm and cool head for this – so what if you died – go die again in the virtual world until you know how to not die.

4.      Gear Up

You need the best gear to help you be efficient. It means you need a good gaming pc that would take the heat in given situations and perform well. Pick one wisely.

5.      Join a community

Be a part of the gaming community because it isn’t always going to be an individual player plot. You’d have to team up with people and thus you need to have a good connection with them as well. Build the team spirit within yourself.

6.      Create a Team

Once done find a perfect team for you – if you have come across as a serious gamer among your peers there’s a high percentage of a good team finding you themselves but if they don’t – make your own on platforms like MLG.

7.      Enter a Tournament

The moment you feel ready to either play in the singles or teams – it is time for you to enter a tournament. Since they happen all year round, it won’t be difficult for you to get into one. Keep entering and improvising yourself with each local or online one that passes by.

8.      Get Sponsored

Try and find yourself a sponsor because gaming is no longer just a hobby for you now it’s your career path. You require good and efficient equipment with constant upgrades. The best way to go about it is a sponsor who’d bet on you.

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