Fetal Bovine Serum Market : Recent Technology Advances, Market Share, Growth Ana

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The fetal bovine serum market is fairly consolidated with a handful of players holding large stakes therein. These players have leveraged advances in cell-based assay techniques to expand the applicability in cell culture supplementation. To this end, life science companies rely on constant research and development activities in cell culture media to make fetal bovine serum as a cost-effective and ethically sound alternative. Incumbents as well new entrants in the fetal bovine serum market are always watchful of reproducibility of in vitro data possible with the use of products. Top players are among other things are collaborating with research and academia to consolidate their foothold in the fetal bovine serum market.

Some of the well-entrenched players include Merck KGaA, TCS Biosciences Ltd., Atlanta Biologicals, Inc., RMBIO – Rocky Mountain Biologicals, Inc., GE Healthcare, and Bovogen Biologicals.

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The global fetal bovine serum market was estimated at US5.3 mn in 2016 and is projected to reach worth of US96.1 mn by 2025-end. This accounts for CAGR of 8.0% from 2017 to 2025.

High Embryonic Content Keeps Prospects Lucrative

New potential growth opportunities in the global fetal bovine serum market come from cutting-edge research in drug development and the use of cell culture media in them. Several factors have stoked investments in the market. The high embryonic content of the serum makes it popular as a growth supplement for various types of cell culture media. Life sciences companies in the fetal bovine serum market have benefitted from the propositions of the serum in meeting various metabolic requirements. These factors have positioned fetal bovine serum as an indispensable tool for cell culture. Serum suppliers in the market are increasingly aware of regulatory considerations involved in increasing the business value.

One of the most glaring constraints that have posed consistent challenge to biotechnology and pharma, and life sciences companies in the fetal bovine serum market is numerous ethical concerns. Further, their escalating costs have acted as restraining factors. Having said that, there are still a long way to go to find suitable low-cost alternatives that are not only easily available but also have comparable performance. This means that players are still hopeful of the long-term growth prospects in the fetal bovine serum market in the near future.

Growing body of research in the livestock industry has imparted growth to the beef market, which has indirectly favored the contours of the fetal bovine serum market. Coupled with this, constant advances in cell culture supplement extraction technologies have been a defining characteristic of developed markets.

Sizable Investments by Contract Research Organization on Cell Culture Media Research drive Investments

Among the various regions, North America accounts for a major share and is likely to maintain its status quo in the next few years. The dominance of the regional market is attributed to the rapid pace of demands for cell culture supplementation. Further, the price has elevated to more than thrice in the region over the past few years. This has helped the regional market to contribute substantially to the global fetal bovine serum market. This is trailed by the Europe fetal bovine serum market.

Meanwhile, various life sciences companies and serum suppliers are seeing potential growth opportunities in Asia Pacific. Sizable investments being made contract research organization in India and China are unlocking new potential in the Asia Pacific fetal bovine serum market. Recent investments are notably supported by the adoption of bovine sera in research and development activities of several biotech and pharma companies. World over, growing investments in animal health industries might change the growth trajectories in the fetal bovine serum market in the not-so-distant future.

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