Inventory the most useless equipment in World of Warcraft

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on December 17th, 2019

Inventory the most useless equipment in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has been released for 15 years. In these 15 years, the official game team has released numerous equipment and weapons, so now we take a look at those items that have no meaning to players.

Crystal of Zin-Malor
I have to say that Crystal of Zin-Malor has no value and meaning as a mission giveaway. The way he gets it is to participate in system tasks. After you successfully complete the task, the system will give you this gadget. But this famous gadget will not bring you any value and WOW Classic Gold For Sale in the game. The reason why he is famous in the game is that many players in the game laugh at him as a useless item. When players get him, they are thrown away from the backpack, because he is not only unable to send them. Any Yongchang, and it will take up space in your backpack. Not only that, Zin-Malor Crystal will bring death to anyone who is not related. This is a very bad phenomenon and fact, so no one deserves it.

The Stoppable Force
The Stoppable Force is a mace that requires both hands and is an epic weapon, so it is nicknamed the unstoppable force. He is useless because you can see it everywhere in the game. You can see him from almost everywhere, from the Outland or the mainland of Azeroth. No player in the game will like it. The Stoppable Force has become a unique part of Warcraft culture because it is so common that every player on the Azeroth continent has encountered it at least once and then sold it to others without a doubt Players in exchange for additional Classic WOW Gold.

Belbi's spectacles
As part of the game activity, this gadget was introduced into the game as a unique element. Goggles are used as head gear and usually do not carry any attributes or provide any armor. Still, the uselessness of this equipment is offset by its interesting capabilities. This item is available in Horde and Alliance versions. When you use this equipment, you can see many game characters replaced by male goblins. At the same time, for the tribal version of the item, the effect you see is that all players will be replaced by female orcs.

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