Laser Engraving: The Innovation Your Woodwork Business Needs

Posted by Steven Glassner on December 17th, 2019

Woodwork business has been in existence since time immemorial. And as long as there are forests on this planet, it’s here to stay. Be it furniture, construction materials, picture frames, cabinets, tools, or flooring, woodworks are everywhere. Hence, it is one of the core industries in today’s world.

However, of late, modernization has hit the woodwork business hard. Other materials like plastic, etc. are taking place of wooden items. The reason behind it is that this industry has failed to innovate.

Though great efforts and craftsmanship go into this industry, profit margins remain too low. And creating, designing and selling wooden items don’t come with big rewards.

Tough work but minimal profits! Sounds depressing, right?

So, how can woodworkers give a new direction to their ancestral occupation? Is it possible for woodworkers to turn over a new leaf and start making bigger profits?

Well, it is - with laser engraving. 

So, let’s see how the woodwork industry can strike gold by introducing laser engraving. 

Reasons Why Laser Engraving Is Profitable for Woodwork Industry

Low Operating Cost 

A laser machine has a low operating cost. So, you can get more profit with less investment. And you get a high return on investment with laser engraving.  

Custom Woodwork

If your customers want you to engrave something on a wood item, you can do that easily with wood engraving. This way, you can create custom wooden products for your customers. This helps you impress your customers more by giving them what they want. 

Easy Promotion through Your Brand Logo

When customers notice your beautifully engraved logo on your wooden products, it might impress them. And it helps them in remembering the name of your company easily. So, laser engraving serves two purposes - good sales and brand promotion. 

Ways to Increase Profit Margins with Laser Engraving

  • Choose the Right Laser Machine

Well begun is half done. This is a universal saying and thus applies here too. Selection of a suitable laser machine is a must prior to introducing laser engraving in your woodwork business.

The laser machine you choose depends on the type of wood you need to engrave on. But not all types of wood are suitable for laser engraving. While softwoods like balsa and poplar need a low power laser for engraving, hardwoods like oak and cherry need high power laser.

It is also important to choose a good quality nozzle like an Amada laser nozzle for your work. One more good option for nozzles is TRUMPF nozzles as these are available in different apertures and you can put them to use for various purposes. A good quality nozzle helps you achieve accuracy in your laser engraving work. 

  • Personalize your Wooden Products

Personalization sells a lot today. It adds value and sentiment to wooden products. Customers love it when they get to see their names and personal images on such products. Moreover, you can promote your brand by engraving your logo beautifully on the products you sell. 

You can engrave almost anything from wood plaques, cabinets, doors and panels to auto parts, granite and even iPhone cases. And this personalization elicits great emotional responses from customers. And the value of your products doubles or even triples with them willing to pay a higher price.  

  • Diversify your Woodwork Business

Personalizing wood products using a good quality laser machine with an Amada laser nozzle or any other good quality nozzle isn’t enough. Along with that, it is a must for you to understand the importance of diversification. With the power of laser engraving right in your hands, you can grow your business horizontally. And literally serve any industry that requires engraving, be it signage, pet products, wood trophies, inlays, prototypes, photo frames and even more. And you can do that with minimal overhead costs. 

In a Nutshell

So, it is evident that the woodwork industry can go a long way towards maximizing their profit margins. All it needs is the magic wand of innovation in the form of ‘laser engraving’. Along with personalization, diversification, and the right choice of a laser machine and good quality nozzles like an Amada laser nozzle or TRUMPF nozzles and other spare parts. 

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