New Boiler Installation to Dispel the Winter Blues

Posted by ColinFirth on December 17th, 2019

Spending cold winter months without a proper heating system is impossible in the United Kingdom. If you are on the lookout for a brand new heating system, it is essential that you study all the different models before deciding to buy one.

Boiler System Functioning

The main feature of a boiler is that the system does not use any kind of forced air pressure for your home. During installation, the network of pipes installed on each sub-floor and some terminals are attached to the network. When there is a heat requirement from the thermostat, the boiler provides running and heated water via an exchanger. This hot water is then pumped through the pipes and heat radiates upwards into the rooms. Boiler systems are also called as radiant heating devices.

Advantages of Boilers

  •  A boiler system uses water as a superior thermal medium
  •  It is an excellent medium to absorb heat and retain it
  •  Boilers evenly distribute heat as compared to air heaters
  •  Boiler installation Surrey is a perfect solution to keep your home warm and comfortable

There are several reputed boiler installation services throughout Guildford and Surrey. You may fix an appointment with any one of the boiler company experts for your domestic boiler requirement. Boiler technicians also offer free home inspection to give you an estimate of the cost for new boiler installation. You can place a survey request through their online website after reading all the information about their services. Once you enter all your contact details on the website, the company executives will call you back to schedule a home visit.

Some of the red warning signs of a damaged boiler are as follows:

  •  Unusual Noises – Sometimes, due to regular usage, boilers start making odd or strange sounds. However, if there is a usually loud or intense sound, then you must immediately consult the company engineer to check for any malfunction.
  •  Peculiar Smells – If there is a bad or weird smell whenever you switch on the boiler, then you need to contact the repair experts. Sometimes, you may get weird smells even if the boiler is switched off. Smells could indicate anything from a dangerous gas leakage or the burnt odour of an internal circuit.
  •  Water Spills – If you ever see water puddles near the boiler can indicate a leak and it is advisable to call on a professional engineer to repair the leak.

 From gas leakage to increased energy consumption, all kinds of boiler issues can be rectified if detected early. You may find recommended boiler service Surrey area via online sources.

 Once you have installed a boiler, you have to sign up for its yearly maintenance. This is necessary because if the boiler gets damaged or stops working, you can immediately contact the company's support team from where you have purchased the system and ask them to send a boiler repair team to fix the system. Boiler installation companies in Guildford give 24/7 service and additional costs may be covered in your annual maintenance billing.


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