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Posted by johnhrq on December 17th, 2019

Walk the streets of California and you’ll find beachy boho looks in every direction. California is the golden state. You’ll find miles of beaches both crowded and secluded and city sidewalks filled with boho hippie, boho chic, and boho business styles. But the boho look isn’t just for California. To achieve that beachy boho-chic look no matter where you are and to find out where to Buy Beachy Boho Tops or other pieces of clothing, there are three main categories to keep in mind.

Dressing in boho clothing can go two ways: completely right or completely wrong. The wrong way to dress is a boho-chic style is to wear bright, neon colors that would not be found in nature. Boho clothing tends to be in natural tones and fabrics. Choose rich and neutral colors and tones, combinations of warm and cool to balance out the wardrobe and be sure not to go too overboard with mixing and matching. Blend in old styles with new patterns like a fringe bag or embroidered clothing mixed with patterned dresses and modern cowgirl boots. Another key ingredient to a beachy boho-chic look is comfort. Think loose-fitted, flowy tops paired with fitted jeans or loose pants paired with fitted tops. And always keep in mind your body type. Dress in a fashion that fits you comfortably and makes you feel confident.

Pairing accessories with your outfit is a must for a boho-chic look and layering your clothes and accessories is one staple of achieving that perfect outfit. Bangles or bracelets with beads are a great addition to any look. Wear them on your wrist, your upper arm, and even around your ankles. Dangly earrings with natural stones, feathers, and leather and necklaces with the same type of style or necklaces with fabrics, shells, and fringe look great with any boho-chic look. Hats or headbands, scarves or bandanas, and big vintage-style sunglasses are a must for a beachy boho vibe. And don’t forget the bag. Colorful and patterned handbags or bags with fringe and tassels add that final touch to complete your beachy boho-chic look.

Hair and Makeup
Pulling off that beachy boho look with your hair and makeup doesn’t need to be too hard. Tousled, messy hair is perfect for any boho hairstyle. However, it’s important to keep in mind that while tousled and messy is good, frizzy, tangled, and wild and all-over-the-place hair is bad. Having a bottle of salt-water can be a great way to get a wavy, beachy boho look. Even better is to just head to the beach and take a dip right into the ocean.

Makeup, on the other hand, is a different story. There are two ways to achieve that perfect boho look: au-natural, meaning a makeup-free complexion, or natural and earthy understated tones. Going au-natural is one of the best ways for a beachy boho look, especially if you plan on hanging around the beach and swimming in the ocean.

If you prefer to wear some makeup on your skin, going for a light and understated look will do wonders. You’ll want to wear makeup with natural shades and tones so that it appears as if you are going au-natural or close to it. Adding some highlighter to your cheekbones and corners of your eyes can add some shine to your skin that really makes you stand out and glow, in a natural way. Also, wearing some earthy tones for eyeshadow or a natural lip color are excellent choices.

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