Top 20 Content Marketing Tools for Content Creation, Distribution and Curation

Posted by Morris Edwards on December 18th, 2019

In any business setting, marketing is a strategy that should be well thought of and conducted in a professional manner to guarantee absolute success. The same goes for content marketing. The good news however is that the internet has facilitated an array of tools and resources to ensure content discovery, creation, distribution and curation. Content is base of SEO and is also accepted by the top SEO agency.

Here are 20 best tools that can help you with content marketing.


percoltaePercolate, is considered to be one of the best platforms for sourcing, curation and creating scheduled contents for different brands that can be shared in different social networks. Using this platform, a writer or a brand is able to publish content for maximum audience engagement in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Word press, Drupal and Tumbir. It is also a good platform that suggests new content to managers.


LookBook is a tool that helps in making content visual in the social arena. It works by collecting both original and curated including files, images, web pages and videos and making them more sharable on the social circles.


With customized functionality, UberFlip is a responsive-design curator for any format including videos, pdf and audio that can be published. It is the best way to create awareness on a topic a brand wishes to be known.


A-writer is a content creation platform like no other. It is hi9gly accredited with production of high quality content with strictly adherence to specific keyword density and number of words. This is made possible by a group of knowledge opulent professional in different niches. With only a small fee, you are able to get your content submitted to you within the shortest possible time.


Contently is the best tool to connect a content brand with numerous newspapers and magazine journalists. It has diverse features that manage content creation, workflow and finally payment. Furthermore, contently is a combination of talent network, content creation features, sponsorship and distribution feature, publishing and workflow tools..

Little Bird

More often, companies lack the ability to determine what content is trending. Little Bird is a platform that helps in solving all this. It is an engaging platform that helps the subscriber get first hand information on who are behind the trending topics.


Papershare is a marketing tool that enables everyone to view whatever you have uploaded. It is a vital tool in content distribution and sharing. The best thing about this platform however is that it embodies channel specific analytic. This means that you are able to know who is accessing your content from what channel.


Addvocate is a tool that identifies different analytic measure like standardizing, messages, and employee level. Using these features, you are able to identify which worker is supporting the brand in the social network for performance optimization.


By use of ramification, this tool is designed to the problem of advocating for a community. It does this by challenging the customers to in earning points. It is compatible with CRM , marketing automation platforms and social networks.


Optimizely is essential in keeping tracks with aspects like clicks, conversions, signups and other activities that can happen on your page or account. It is very easy to use and does not require coding language. However, if you possess knowledge on programming, you can customize aspects like button colour by yourself.


It is inevitably hard to keep track of how a certain piece of content is faring on the internet. TrackMaven keeps up with all the performance of content by recording real time data on payment, ownership, media earning and others. It also has an added advantage has you can easily track how your competitor is faring on.


When it comes to content creation tools, Storify is at the top of the ladder. It is a tool that can be utilised by writers to create socially integrated blog posts that can easily be accessed via mobile devices.


Just as the name suggests, Skyword is a powerful content marketing tool. It guides the writer in creating engaging content that ultimately gets more conversions. It has been utilized widely by brads, media houses and retails.


Buzzsumo is a content idea generating tool. In the form of a dash board, this tool presents in-depth social media analytical information that can be used to optimize performance. It is worth noting that it is very user friendly and easy to use.


Evernote is a good way of tracking content both online and offline. It keeps track of all the information pertaining a given content and organizes all the information in an orderly manner. This way, you won’t misplace any vital information.


Going by the name, Curata is a content curation tool that allows for content curation to meet content creation. Furthermore, it is a time saver tool as it enables the user find, organize and share specific content.


BuzzStream is a content promotion and distribution tool that has gained fame in the blogger outreach platforms. It helps in creating schedules for mails, email templates, building links and setting reminders. It is an ingenious way of creating traffic on content.


Woopra is one of the profoundly used content analytic tools. It provides real-time updates on how the target audience is engaging with a specific content. It is a great tool in improving on the loopholes resent as it is able to show you user behaviour.

Google Analytics

Powered by the most incredible search engine, Google Analytics is a content market analytic tool that presents an in-depth preview across ads, websites, social media and videos. This way, you are able to see firsthand how the user is engaging the content.


Buffer is a content marketing and distribution tool that enables you engage fully with the target audience at a specific time. This way, you are able to drive more clicks on the content in question thus leading to higher traffic on the content.. It is mostly efficient in social networks like Facebook and Twitter, where you can schedule to create a bigger fan base an content engagement levels within a short span of time.

These tools are helpful for content creation and curation. So any body can use these tools for the better content production.

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