One of the two major forces in Warcraft-Horde

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on December 18th, 2019

One of the two major forces in Warcraft-Horde

The Horde is one of the two forces in the online game World of Warcraft. Its opponent is the league. The tribe is a faction composed of the main non-Azeroth native forces. They are linked to survival through glory. They overcome these obstacles as families, comrades, and even disturbed allies.

Main race
The main race members include the Orc clan of Orgrimmar, the Darkspear Trolls of the Echo Islands, the Tauren of Thunder Bluff, the Forsaken of the Undercity, and the Blood Elves of Silvermoon City who joined during the Burning Expedition, and of the Earth. The goblin of the Rusty Waterport, which was added during the fission, and the Huojin Pandaren of Lost Island, which was added during the mystery of the pandaren.
During the battle for Azeroth, the sons of Suramar's Night, the Highmountain Tauren of Highmountain, the Maghan Orcs of Draenor, the Zandalar Troll of Zuldazar, and the Foxman of Vordenai served as allies. Race joins the tribe. In World of Warcraft,
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Minor race
Members of the minor races include some ogres, Mokenasa half ogres, some forest trolls in the Hinterlands, Northrend yakmen, and Pandaria's forest lynx.
The leader of the new tribe is called the chief, and since Thrall has integrated some of the old tribe with other allies to form a new tribe, there have been four chiefs so far, namely Thrall, Garrosh Hellscream, Vol'jin, Hill. Vanas Windrunner.

main members
Tribes in World of Warcraft are composed of multiple countries, camps, and city-states. Mainly by Orgrim Orcs, Trolls of the Darkspear Tribe, Forsaken of the Undercity, Tauren of Thunder Bluff, Blood Elves of Silvermoon City, Goblin of Kozan Island, Huojin Pandaren, Zanda The Zandalari trolls of the Ra Empire, the Taurus Tauren of the Highmountain tribe, the night son of Surama, and the Maghan Orcs from the parallel world. WOW Classic Gold is now the right time to buy, secure transactions, fast delivery, no need to worry!

Thrall adopted Shamanism as a code of conduct, and re-established the tribe with this morality. As the chief of the tribe, he led his people to a barren land to settle and named the place Durotar in honor of his father Durotan. Thrall led the Horde through trial and error: overcoming the curse of demonic blood, destroying the Burning Legion that attacked Mount Hyjal, and foiling the conspiracy of the Lich King. When Deathwing tore the earth, Thrall resolutely let go of his chiefdom and joined the powerful Shaman organization: Ring of the Earth. He tried to find ways to appease the elements of the riot and prevent the destroyers from destroying the continent.

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