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Which Bike Lock Should You Buy for Your Bikes

Posted by viavelolock on December 17th, 2019

As soon as you buy your first bike, the next big investment that you should make is a sturdy and the best bike cable lock. While as surprising as it may sound, buying the best type of bike lock is as important as buying the bike itself. You can’t simply buy any bike lock and expect it to protect your bike from thieves. You need to be extra cautious and research thoroughly while buying a bike lock for the first time. 

Why? Because bike theft is among the most commonly reported crimes in the United States. More people lose their bike on a daily basis just because they didn’t lock it safely with the best bike cable lock. So, if you don’t want your bike to get stolen, make sure to buy a premium quality bike lock for your bicycle. 

When it comes to bike locks, you have dozens of options to choose from. In general, bike locks are categorized into three different categories, i.e.,

  • Cable Locks

  • Chain Locks 

  • U-Locks

Each of these types has the pros and cons of their own. For instance, cable locks are easy to break whereas U-locks are quite complicated and that’s why offer more safety. However, carrying a U-lock is much strenuous, all thanks to their weird ‘U’ shape. 

When it comes to picking the best lock for your bike, you need to keep various factors in mind. In case, you live in a dangerous neighborhood and safety is your primary concern, it better to buy a nice and sturdy U-lock. 

However, if you park your bike in in-house parking, you don’t need to buy an expensive bike lock. In case you can look for the best bike cable lock and it’ll be enough to do the job. However, make that the cable lock that you buy is quite sturdy. 

In addition to your office, it is also important to lock your bike inside the home. The reason being anyone can break into your house and ride away with your bike. When it comes to locking the bike inside, you can again use the best bike cable lock as it is sufficient to do the job. 

Keep in mind that buying the lock is not sufficient. Even the strongest lock can be broken by professionals. The important thing is to lock your bike in the right way so that it becomes next to impossible for the thief to unlock your bike. While locking your bike, make sure to involve as many objects within the lock so that the thief cannot easily break the lock. 

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