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First, you need a wi-fi password which is normally found on the back of your router. Most smart Tv’s will ask you to connect to wi-fi when they are being set up for the first time. Then you go to your smart tv setting to find the wi-fi option.

  • First you search wi-fi network and then click on the list.
  • Write the wi-fi password for the network.
  • After this click on ok button, and the Tv will try to connect.

There are many types of models of Samsung smart tv available in the market. Samsung Tv may have different menu option.

This step used by you, you can connect your Samsung smart Tv to wi-fi

Method 1:-

  • First of all you can select the network.
  • After this open network setting or network setup.
  • Then select the wi-fi network type.
  • After this select the wi-fi network.
  • Then type your wi-fi password and press the done button.
  • After this select ok button then you got a successful message.

Once your Tv is online and you will be use any services that require an internet connection.

Method 2:-

To being connecting your Tv to your wi-fi network follow these steps

  • Open your wi-fi.
  • Click the MENU button and select the setup.
  • Select a network.
  • If network type is set to wired select network and then select wireless.
  • Select network setup.
  • Select select a network.
  • Please wait for the Tv to scan for wireless network in the area then select the name of your network in the list.
  • After this use the remote control to insert your wireless security key.
  • After this your smart Tv connect to the wireless network if your smart Tv does not connect you may have to adjust the IP address setting in the network setup.
  • Then click on RETURN button to return to the network screen.
  • Select to the network test if your Samsung smart Tv now test the network to make sure it is connected and working properly. You check the connection test fails. You can check to make sure the current network name was chosen and the correct wireless security key was entered then power off the Tv and power off the wireless point. After this wait a few second then power on Tv and wireless and return the network test. If you have any issue of the wireless network you can update the firmware on your Tv.


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