Which One Do You Need - Pressure Wash Or Steam Wash?

Posted by Wei Mai on December 18th, 2019

There are two categories of cleaning one with pressure wash with water at normal temperature and the other with high temperature hot water with pressure wash. They both have their own special usages. One has to determine what kind of wash they need. There are various factors to be considered for this decisions as well as we need to know the differences between these two ways of cleaning. We also need to know what it offers to keep the surface clean. We also need to know the type of cleaning we need to insist based on the type of stains we have. Let us look at them briefly here.

Cold Water Wash is simply called as Pressure Wash. They are useful to remove dirt, mud, sand, non sticky stains. They could clean the patio, pools, sidewalks, carpet, doorways and hall ways easily. Since these type of stains requires only pressurized cleaning and there is no tough stain. These are generally required in domestic cleaning like at home carpet, kitchen, bathroom or public spaces.

Hot Pressure Wash is also called as Steam wash; It is the one using hot water and high pressure. It is helpful in removing grease, grime, oil stains from surfaces, tough sticky elements that would never leave the surface unless disintegrated. The hot water disintegrates the stain and swirl it above the surface. The high pressure sucks the stain quickly. Steam wash is used in industrial and commercial needs. The shop floors, production unit, restaurants are popular places of steam wash.

There are dealers for both these type of appliances. Choose wisely the right dealer who could solve your need with larger distribution area and service personals near your home. Hope you would make wise choice in opting out the right wash you require from the above information and for more info please use this guide Window Washing

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