Tevida Secret 1: Retrain The Brain

Posted by uneq ual on December 18th, 2019

Tevida Secret 1: Retrain The Brain I can remember my father telling me one time, "Never let your little head do the thinking for your big head." Well that may be true in most cases but not here. You see, the problem with most men not being able to last long enough is due to them thinking about their prior poor performance. After they get started with intercourse they start worrying about if they will climax too soon. And sure enough, because they were worrying about it so much, they do. A great little exercise is to count down backwards from 100 using the word Mississippi right behind the number. Say it out loud but not so your partner can hear it. Just thinking it will not be strong enough...not at first anyway. See how far down you can count. This may take a few times but you will see an improvement because your mind will be focusing on counting rather than climaxing. Secret 2: Masturbate The Proper Way It could very well be said that the reason for a lot of men climaxing too soon is a result of poor masturbation habits in the past. I know I can remember when I was a young man, I had to hurry because I had 3 sisters who wanted the bathroom so it wasn't like I had all day to finish the job. So, it was always a rush to get the job done. The problem with that is that it trained my ejaculatory system to climax quickly and so when I started having intercourse with women, I could only last a couple minutes. Let me tell you that was a very frustrating time of my life. When you masturbate, give yourself plenty of time and make sure to use slow strokes. I like to do the job in the shower as having the hot water running Tevida reviews  over the penis resembles the warmth and moisture of the vagina.


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