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Are you aware of the unused flight tickets refund?

Posted by airconsolidator on December 18th, 2019

Travel companies can actually recover unused flight tickets refund

Travel management companies have a track record of their customers’ flights schedule as if they have attended the flight or cancelled the same. What if these travel companies get the privilege of recovering huge money from a bulk of unused flight tickets?

Many times, passengers face unexpected situations like health problems, postponed meetings, jury duty requirements, or weather conditions. This makes them leave their flights unattended. However, on a positive note, unused flight tickets refund can be obtained from airlines.

Many travel companies do not know the fact that the unused flight tickets refund can be retrieved. Therefore, they lose the chances of recovering money for those unused flight tickets. Additionally, a refund can be claimed for unused economy class tickets as well.

The truth behind unused flight tickets refund

It’s true that airlines often say that unused flight tickets are non-refundable but getting unused flight tickets refunds is actually possible. When you know the exact amount to recover from airlines, this makes the task easier. A company like a Ticket Audit helps travel companies know the exact value left in unused flight tickets. Thereby travel companies can ask airlines for the same amount for obtaining unused flight ticket refunds.

Whether your customers would have booked refundable or nonrefundable plane tickets, you can recover money for all unused flight tickets. Travelers often buy non-refundable flight tickets in order to save time as the refundable airline tickets can be 3 to 4 times costlier than the non-refundable tickets, still, those tickets can be refunded if they are not unused.

Several other conditions when travelers get unused flight tickets refund

Some situations where your passengers are entitled to airline refunds are overbooking, rights for delayed baggage, schedule changes due to weather conditions, and more. Also, when an airline cancels any flight ticket due to some reason, it will rebook that journey with the next available flight. On the contrary, if your passengers do not want to attend the next flight, you can claim for an unused flight ticket refund.

Unused flight tickets refund policy by American Airlines

Suppose your passengers booked flights from Austin to Illinois on American Airlines and many of them were unable to travel on those flights. In this case, you can recover money for those unused airline tickets by evaluating the exact refund through a platform like Ticket Audit. Knowing the exact amount after proper evaluation, you can present that to airlines and claim money for the same. There can be varying refund policies of airlines but you have the privilege to get taxes paid for any unused flight tickets. American Airlines lets you get a refund for any cancellations within 24 hours until and unless you book flights 2 days prior to departure.

Unused flight tickets refund policy by United Airlines

The cancellation policy of United Airlines is somewhat similar to other airlines. Passengers have a 24-hour time period to cancel for free and they have 48-hours total time to change their plans without any risk.

6 benefits of calculating unused flight tickets refund

Have you ever considered the service that can help you recover money for unused flight tickets? Some service providers have advanced tools that can calculate the actual value of unused flight tickets refund. Some of the benefits of getting a refund value are presented below:

  1. Advanced tool to check unused airlines ticket refunds saves time and effort.

2. Accurate values are calculated that avoid the chances of any fraudulence.

3. Refund values for thousands of unused flight tickets can be calculated within very less time.

4. No installation cost if you get a completely web-based service for obtaining return value for unused flight tickets.

5. It helps in getting back a hefty amount of money left with airlines.

6. Getting aware of the unused flight ticket refunds is really beneficial to corporates, TMC(s), OTA(s), travel agents and other travel entities as it can help them maintain loyalty with customers.

Author Summary

Our ticket audit tool calculates the exact refund values left in unused flight tickets. Travel companies connect with us for quick computation of refund amount for a bulk of unused flight tickets. Our platform helps them recover hidden money from airlines.

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