5 Complications That A Face-Lift Surgery Can Bring About

Posted by vivek choudhary on December 18th, 2019

A face-lift also referred to as a rhytidectomy is a state-of-the-art cosmetic procedure aimed at creating a younger-looking appearance of your face. The procedure helps diminish the sagging or wrinkling of the skin on your cheeks and along your jawline together with other signs of aging that affect your face.

  1. Hematoma

o   Hematoma alludes to an accumulation of blood beneath your skin.

o   It results in swelling and development of pressure points as some of the most commonly seen complications of face-lift surgery.

o   The formation of hematoma which generally happens within 24 hours of surgery needs to be treated through surgery with absolute promptness for preventing any further damage to the skin and other tissues.

  1. Scarring

o   The incision scars resulting from a face-lift have permanence.

o   However, they’re usually camouflaged by the natural contours of your face, ear, and hairline.

o   Seldom, you’ll find incisions causing protruded, red scars.

o   For improving the ungainly appearance of scars a plastic surgeon in Patna recommends injections of a corticosteroid medication or adoption of alternative treatment options.

  1. Nerve injury

o   Even though they have rare occurrences temporary or permanent injury to nerves can affect the control of muscles and sensation.

o   You might experience temporary paralysis of a particular facial muscle leading to an uneven appearance or expression.

o   Even you can expect a transitory loss of sensation which often lasts anything between a few months to almost a year.

o   By means of extra surgical interventions, you can expect some improvement.

  1. Hair loss

o   According to a plastic surgeon that performs hair loss treatment in Patna you may be forced to contend with temporary or permanent hair loss adjoining the sites of the incision.

o   Such permanent hair loss can be corrected with the help of a hair transplant surgery which helps grow new hair follicles on the bald patches.

  1. Skin loss

o   Under very rare circumstances a face-lift can cause interruption of blood supply to the tissues that constitute your face.

o   This can give rise to sloughing or skin loss.

o   Sloughing can be effectively treated with the help of medications, relevant wound care, and a procedure, if required, to lessen the amount of scarring.

As is the case with other major surgeries, face-lift as a popular form of plastic surgery in India also amplifies the risk of infection, hemorrhage, and a harmful reaction to anesthesia.

The risk of complications to develop can further be heightened by certain underlying medical conditions or unfavorable lifestyle habits.

Thus, it’s evident that if done improperly, a face-lift can precipitate many complications. At Paras, a top hospital in Patna, face-lift procedure is performed only by trained specialists having accreditation in cosmetic surgeries. Here, patients who come for cosmetic surgery have access to world-class technology, infrastructure, and professionals who provide service customized to a patient’s individual needs.

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