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Posted by Voiswitch Inc on December 18th, 2019

Setting up a business is all fun and games until you start to notice the intense competition that the market has. Every day, new and new ventures are popping up and launching something new and innovative in the industry. You really need to pull up your socks and come up with some unique business solutions to get an edge over your peers. Having a flexible and transparent communication channel can work wonders for your start-up if utilized in the right way. It is high time that you give up on those obsolete desk phones and switch over to the smart IP phone Canada. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when picking the right network;

 Different Systems That Are Available

 Before we begin to list the factors that you should consider before picking the right IP Phone in Canada, you should know about the various networks and phone systems that are out there. There are basically three major phone systems available in both analog and digital modes

Key-Systems: are usually used for old business ventures and include features like line switching and maintenance

 IP PBX: this is a more advanced network that is suitable for business ventures that have multiple phone lines and need to manage several contacts and clients on a daily basis. It is a private, branch exchange system that allows you to establish links with nearby and remote contacts with relative ease.

 Cloud Hosted PBX: the Cloud Hosted PBX is a relatively new and advanced framework that is best suited for start-ups and established enterprises alike. Here all your contacts and communication channels are organized and managed on the cloud. This improves accessibility and allows for greater flexibility and customization

Scope and Scalability

 Now that you know the kind of network options that you can avail, let us move on to discuss the various factors that you should consider.

 First and foremost, you need to check the size, scale, and scope of your venture. What is your growth capacity? How many phone lines do you need? Are there any chances of expansion in the near future? Would your customer base widen in the next few years? There are some of the questions that you need answers to.

The Brand Value

Next, you need to check if the IP Phone in Canada is credible and compatible with your business needs or not. Usually, entrepreneurs and developers opt for the branded and well-known phone systems and networks that have the experience and expertise to handle clients. It also ensures a better quality of services and wider accessibility across the globe. It even adds on to your brand value and professional appeal as a business.

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