Alternative Ideas to Consider for Back Pain

Posted by Performance Spine & Sports Medicine on December 18th, 2019

Looking for some new alternative ideas to handle your back pain? Many of our pain doctors Churchville PA have helped us prepare various alternative ideas for you to consider. Below, you can look through some of the best options for handling back pain at home.

Looking for Professional Pain Management?

Below, we will break down many of the best alternative ideas to consider for handling your back pain. Although they may be endorsed by the medical community in certain aspects, there is no comparison to searching for a back pain doctor near me and getting professional assistance.


Acupuncture is an ancient practice that goes back thousands of years. It has shown to have excellent potential in the modern world of medicine as well. Essentially what acupuncture is is the practice using needles placed into particular points of your body that are known to relieve tension and pain. This is a popular alternative therapy for many types of pain.

Daily Stretches

Doing daily stretches is a great way to keep your back in good shape. Doing daily stretches that target areas with your back pain can go a long way. Stretches are a great way to both keep your body limber and flexible while simultaneously helping it to stay in shape. If you have been seeking a neck pain doctor near me, for example, one of the first things you might hear from a professional is to try doing stretches!


Doing some basic mindfulness and meditation practices can help do a lot to relieve things like stress and anxiety. When you minimize your stress and anxiety, research has shown that you can also minimize the intensity of your back pain.


Yoga is another common alternative method for managing chronic back pain. The practice of yoga helps you connect to your body and help heal chronic pain over time. People with back pain, in particular, have been seen to have drastic impacts on helping people manage pain. Yoga is something you can do in classes or privately at home on your own.

Cut Drinking & Smoking

Your spine is often seen as the heart and soul of your body’s health. This is where your spinal cord is housed, and the mainframe of your body. Smoking can have negative impacts on your entire body, including your spine. Alcohol is also known to potentially have negative impacts on your central nervous system.

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