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Accelerate Business Growth with In House Lawyer

Posted by GreenFieldSearch on December 18th, 2019

Today, the job of in-house lawyer is no longer restricted to managing the legal risk associated with the business that they work within. They now work as vital business partners, participating in problems relating to corporate strategy, such as capital allocation, competitive strategy, new items, and advancing technologies. It is therefore little surprise that demand for in-house legal counsel has risen significantly within the local corporate landscape.

Frequently, companies seek out private legal counsel only when a need arises. It is a reactive endeavour that doesn’t address the million and one issue that could and often do pop up during routine staff and management interactions on a daily basis.

An in-house lawyer that is part of a team and is present for weekly strategy meetings and other day-to-day operations can interject recommendations, transfer information and help predict future problems as a matter of course, not simply necessity. It’s a difference that implies your company can better recognise and address its risks, potentially averting disaster instead of always simply cleaning up its mess.

In House Lawyer provides firms of all sizes with fast advisement, accelerating their pace of growth. The key advantage of having an in-house legal team is embedded in the fact that legal problems are dealt with using a predictive, rather than reactive approach.

Being knowledgeable in industry trends and armed with a solid network of legal connections, in-house legal counsels can act as responsible liaisons when managing external law firms.

Having a nuanced understanding of the business, in-house lawyers add value to their firms in a number of ways. These include giving commercially astute advice and adding to developing the strategic direction of the business within the relative legal frameworks.

Being familiar with interacting and dealing with different stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and levels of seniority, in-house legal counsels show high levels of emotional intelligence (EQ).

Corporations with In-house lawyers typically generate internal legal services at a cost per unit of time lower than hourly rates of external law firms. Cost savings also come in the increase of business certainty, the increase of business flexibility and greater freedom of top business executives.

Hiring your in-house counsel can be difficult. When you decide that it’s time to hire, determine your company’s present and long-term legal needs, and consider the role for your in-house lawyer, you can start looking for the right candidate.

A business orientation, readiness to learn and ability to balance agility with experience are the signature traits of the right in-house counsel who can assist proactively guide a company forward.

Choosing the right In-House Legal Counsel for your business is essential, and the right candidate should have a combination of experience and skillset, as well as being a good cultural fit for your business. Size, complexity, business technique, composition of the present team and needs of the business are all important aspects to consider when selecting an in-house legal counsel.

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