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Agra-The historical landmark of India

Posted by carrieasby on December 19th, 2019

India is a country situated in south Asia where you can find lots of colourful and vibrant cultures festivals as well as this country has its own history. It is the place where one can find marks of history everywhere. There are many destinations where you can see and feel historical vibes. But if you want to live the history of love you must visit The Agra city that is located in banks of Yamuna in the states of Uttar Pradesh and is home of one among the 7 wonders of the world ‘Taj Mehal’. It is at the top of the list of travelers who truly wish to explore how great and rich history India has. It is famous for its monuments that were built in the era of mughals. The Taj Mahal, Agra fort and Fatepur Sikri are some of them.

Agra has its own historical background and one can guess the richness of the heritage from the historical monuments in the city and most of them are linked with the Mughal Empire.  Sikandra lodhi was the first to find the Modern Agra in 16th century. The founder of Mughal Dynasty Babar introduced the square percian-style gardens in Agra and his son Akbar the popular mughal sultan built Agra fourt and Fatepur Sikri which remained as his capital forabout 15 years. This palce became more beautiful with the evergreen gardens made by Jahangir. Agra became more popular after Shahjahan build the famous Taj mahal in the memory of her beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal after her death. This iconic monument became the symbol of love and centre of attraction among the tourist all around the world.

The Taj Mahal is considered as the ‘crown of palace’. The monument is made entirely from ivory white coloured marble surrounded with peaceful gardens from three sides of the building that will surely mesmerize you with its beauty. More than 8 million visitors visit here in one year. You can see the hints of mughal and persian architecture in Taj Mahal. The base dome and minarate, calligraphy of persian poems, plants motifs, reflective tiles, calligraphy of Arabic ayaat make it look more splendid. The beauty of this place just can’t be defined  in words one can only feel it. Once you will visit this place you cannot take your eyes off from the building. Taj Mehal is the proof of shahjahan’s love for Mumtaj Mahal.

If you are planning for the honeymoon tour with your soul mate, there is no better place to visit than this. It definitely worth spending your time and money and will become one of the best place you have ever visited. The view is ideal for couple photo shoots and why not? After all Taj Mehal is the place of love. You can spend quality time with your partner and can create unforgettable memories. Not only Taj there is a lot more to visit in Agra the historical monuments, busy markets, culture will attract you towards this city.

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