A cursory look at different types of handbags for women

Posted by nancypetrson on December 19th, 2019

Handbags have become sophisticated fashion items that now come in many shapes and sizes. Initially simply bags were used to carry important items such as gemstones, money and other personal items. Leather, fabric, and plastic are part of the materials that they are made of. They are used by men and women around the world and a high-end designer's handbag can cost anywhere between a few dollars and several thousand dollars.

Nowadays, there are so many different types of handbags available that it's confusing to know which one to use. Every type of handbag is suitable for specific scenario, whether you go to the gym, for a stroll in the park or for a night in the city.


The Satchel is a large, robust handbag with a large flat base, a main sleeve pocket, two handles, and a shoulder strap. This type of handbag is worn by both men and women, generally on a strap and on the opposite hip. Being one of the larger handbags, large items such as books, files and laptop computers are carried in satchels. It is mainly used by people who go to school or work. The Louis Vuitton Bag is a famous one, under this category.

Bucket Bag

The bucket Bag is a bucket-shaped bag, usually with an open top or string closure and 2 shoulder straps. The bucket bag appears just as the name indicates. This handbag type is very spacious and is mainly used by women.Because of its spacious design and solid structure, bucket bags are used to carry several items, including shoes or even goods, like make-up, cash, cellular telephones and larger items.


This is the smallest type of handbag and is basically a small, fancy look, pouch. It is rectangular in form with buckles or zips and does not usually have a strap on, so it is carried straight into the owner's hand or into her purse. A clutch is used by women to carry small things such as cards, cash, makeup and a cell phone, if there is space left. Women usually wear these when they go out in the city and don't want to carry something too bulky.

Tote Bags

Apparently tote bags are quite large, compared to your regular handbag but not bigger than satchel. They are rectangular or square bags with a large bottom, an open top and two straps on theshoulder.This kind of handbag is often referred to as a' shopper,' as it is frequently used by women when shopping because it can carry a lot of items.


 The most commonly used of all the handbags is the large backpacks with two shoulder straps on the rear of the bag that are normally rectangular. These normally have lots of pockets, most of them with zippers. It is always worn on the back, hence the name "backpack." It can be worn with just one strap or with both straps on the shoulders for more comfort.Backpacks are designed to easily carry a large number of books, laptops, clothes and other items on your shoulders and rest on the back. They are often used to attend school but also to take a walk in the park, travel and go to the gym.

There are many other types of bags like Chanel bag¸ whichare available in the market

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