Analyze and Review your SEO Strategy for the New Year

Posted by Rehab Nur on December 19th, 2019

There are many types of businesses that you can indulge in. The need for a website is very important nowadays because we called to use the internet and website to connect to a wide range of businesses. And to make sure that you are website gets on top of the Google ranking, you need a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional to help you out. 

New Year is just around the corner, and we all know that companies try to make new strategies to make their businesses flourish. As I have mentioned above, you need good SEO techniques and processes so that your portal can be on top of Google searches. In this way, your website will have a higher chance of success. There are several SEO techniques that you can use. I will try to discuss one of them, which is link acquisition. 

Link acquisition has been on the rise throughout the leap year 2019. Companies working in Dubai have used this technique to make a website on top of the Google ranking.  But in 2020, this technique will not work with that much precision.  The reason is there are a lot of new techniques available in the market that can make a website rank high on Google and SEO people don't have to go after link acquisition.


Think about the Future

The month of December is probably the best month to think about how you can start the new year with the bank.  There are main techniques that you can use to be on top of Google searches. One of them is to use analysis and review. Let me discuss this with my readers.


Analysis and Review

SEO is not something that you can apply without thinking about the result.  Much effort is put in while doing SEO. Checking what your competitors are doing is one way to make things better for you in the future. Just think of it, if you are not well aware of the tactics of your competitor in terms of SEO or digital marketing, you will not be able to think in a positive direction. 

If you are starting a website from scratch, you need to take one page from your competitor's website and check if you want this page on your website. Check the content of the website and how it is attracting your target market. This is one of the easiest steps that you can take and one that can offer you great benefits without shelling out much amount.

Now, think about a keyword that you want to use on your website and rank high on Google. Can you get a good rank for your face using that keyword as it is used by your competitor's website too? This is a very smart ploy that you can use to make sure that you are using a keyword that can get you good results. Think about the traffic that you will get as a result and then chalk out your strategy. 

Ask yourself honestly, do you have what it takes to work hard and get a keyword rank high. Do you have the resources and time so that you can beat your competitors?  If your answer is yes, then you can go for it; otherwise, you have to think about something else.

Important to ask questions from yourself before moving forward.  Your competitors will be using this strategy to their advantage. You must have resources and time to make this happen.  There are tools available through which you can track the movement of your keyword and check if it is moving in the right direction. 

Top 3 aspects here are:

  • Update your page with fresh content

  • Optimizing on-page factors

  • Manual promotion for external backlinks

If you are thinking about how you can do all this, the solution is in the hands of your SEO and web design in Riyadh, which can offer you good support. The expertise of the people at such agencies is one way that can surely help you. It is the job of these people and they know how to deliver the goods for you.


Over to you

If you need to know more about how SEO can be of assistance to you in the new year, please use the comments section below to ask a question or offer your valuable feedback.

Rehab Nur

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