What Difference Does Domain Make To Your Blog?

Posted by Web Samadhan on December 19th, 2019

When you are starting your blog, the very important thing that makes you think is your domain name. The domain name or URL is actually what people type into their browser to get into your website. Most of you confuse between web host and domain. However, web host is the place where you store all your information to display it to the entire world.

For getting an apt domain name, you can consult with many companies that provide domain registration in India. When it comes to giving your site a domain name and hosting account, there are several options. The main difference is if you want to go for free or paid domain hosting plan.

3 faults of a free domain and hosting

  • Lack of branding

While dealing with free domain and hosting, the very first thing that you need to keep in mind is that these kinds of domains will always be a part of your domain. If you deal with a free domain, it curbs down your scope for branding and brings a negative impact upon the identity of your website. This is because you are including the name of the free hosting platform in your domain name. This can stand as a negative aspect of your company. It will prove as your misery since you cannot purchase a domain.

  • Lack of control

Another drawback for having a free domain on a free hosting platform is that you do not have any control over the website. In many cases, you will notice that these platforms will stuff in advertisements into your website upon which you have absolutely no control. Also, there is limitation on the options that you can have in terms of your website. When it comes to customizing your website, there is not much flexibility and freedom that you can enjoy.

  • Lack of monetization

Finally, the last major disadvantage is that most free blogging platforms do not give you the opportunity to have your website for commercial purpose. Hence, if you plan to make money through your blogs, the least that you can do is to opt for free domain. Now, you may offer for a sub-domain. But that seems extremely unprofessional and majorly limits your activities with your online presence. So, when it comes to web hosting, the old adage “you get what you pay for” stands true.

Owning your own domain

The best that you can do for your website is to purchase your own domain. After you purchase a domain, they will ask you to register your domain name and host it on their server. Blogger and WordPress too offer hosting services at an exchange of a monthly fee. Between the two, WordPress is the most common and user-friendly content management system.

Once you choose to have your own domain and install a blogging platform you will have a clear URL of your own. Although managing your own domain is a bit critical task, however investment in it is worth it!

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