E-Commerce Merchants in China to Have Improved Access to the EU Market

Posted by rohny01 on December 19th, 2019

China-based E-Commerce merchants typically target the European Union and its market to boost their business growth and success. According to Research and Markets, Europe is the third biggest E-Commerce market worldwide. However, despite dominating the E-Commerce industry, not many Chinese business-owners are able to penetrate the market in Europe – for a few reasons.

Just like in any other country or territory, business-owners are required to submit the necessary information and documents to the European tax authorities to prove that their business is legitimate. Unfortunately, not many Chinese entrepreneurs know how or where to provide them – this discourages or prevents them from expanding their business in Europe; they are neither aware or informed that once you’re registered in a country in Europe, your goods can be typically imported to the other nearby European countries.

Sterlinx offers a free -- for a limited time -- UK company formation service specifically for merchants based in Asia – China is their top priority due to the number of products that they can provide to the E-Commerce market -- not just in Europe, but worldwide. According to Ariful Islam, Co-Founder and CEO of Sterlinx, the easiest and most effective way of ensuring that China-based merchants can sell their goods in Europe is to register their business in the United Kingdom. “A UK-based business not only gives you access to the British market, having an office and warehouse based there also allows you to freely sell your products in Europe.” said Islam.

Once a business is registered in the UK, customer service is proven to improve. Most consumers are given the impression that the company is much more reliable when they purchase their products from businesses with a European address – and that’s exactly what Sterlinx aims for – to aid in their clients’ reputation and reliability. Sterlinx helps in UK Business Registration. A customer’s product also arrives much quicker when the goods that they order are shipped from the UK to parts in Europe. Sterlinx provides Ecommerce Accountants , E-Commerce businesses a warehouse to store their products and help them ship out the goods to their clients’ customers.

The fulfilment service that Sterlinx offers to their clients has been proven to attract China-based E-Commerce entrepreneurs due to its convenience in both the merchant and their customers. Shipping out products from China to Europe usually takes almost a week before they arrive; whereas storing their goods in the UK is guaranteed to arrive the next day or two. Delivering the items to the consumers is also found to be the most stressful process for the merchants due to the risk of mishandling, loss, theft, and damage. Customers almost always ask for a refund when their ordered goods are delivered to them broken – this is detrimental to business-owners as they’re legally obligated to refund a consumer’s money over something that they have no control of.

Another reason why Chinese manufacturers and entrepreneurs are discouraged from expanding their business in Europe is because of their lack of awareness as to what they are legally facing and what prerequisites their business must adhere to. Strict rules and regulations are enforced by the European government – they vary from country to country. What’s apparent is there are countless laws that merchants must comply with and abide by. VAT registration, for instance, is required by the European Union. But providing the accurate products description to determine the VAT charges billed to you is not something that every business-owner in China knows how to provide.

Sterlinx’s legal services ensures that their clients are aware of their risks and liabilities when selling in Europe. They are also guided by Sterlinx’s lawyers to help them better understand the VAT laws in Europe. Tax authorities in Europe require merchants to provide a detailed description of their goods and its type, as well as its value. Failing to provide the correct information to the authorities means that they would have to face a hefty fine and possibly face legal consequences. Sterlinx eliminates that dilemma that their clients may face by helping them understand what to provide to the tax authorities. If you are looking for Amazon FBA Accountant then you are at right place.

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