How to Purchase Level 30 league Accounts

Posted by AussyELO on December 19th, 2019

Players can now purchase level 30 accounts

The game is known as League of Legends typically is among the most famous online games across the world. The game is being enjoyed by more than 100 million committed users on a monthly basis. The League of Legends league is typically known as League or just an LOL. It is a video game that can be played free of charge. This typically means that gamers are not charged one cent to take part in the game’s thrilling action. Typically, the game allows the creation of free of charge League of Legends Accounts, however, it can take practically forever before these free accounts can be leveled up to their maximum abilities.

The Level 30 accounts

Naturally, the highest level there is in the game is level 30. A lot of gamers work pretty hard to get to this level. It is a pretty significant level because this is the benchmark or threshold that is required for you to be able to access and play ranked games.

Moreover, most of the time, it is not possible that players have enough BE to purchase 20 champions which are required for ranking. Typically, the level 30 accounts apart from being used in solo queues can be used for ranked teams. This means that gamers are needed to level up very fast if they are looking to play competitively on the team with their friends at senior levels.

The amount of time it takes to get to level 30?

Typically, this question does not come with a definite answer. But the amount of time that a player can possibly spend in getting to the final level of 30 in the game, League of Legends is a pretty long time. Typically, players can spend months or weeks playing the game to level up to the maximum. But this depends on the following factors like the total number of competitive games that the player can win each day, the total game number being played every day, the nature of games being played, now this could be the Bot games or normal games. Also, other factors include whether win boosts are being used by the player and also if they are using the EXP boosts.

What it takes to get to level 30.

Typically it is often estimated that it could take close to about 21, 389 game Summoner experience for a player to able to get to League of Legends Level 30 which is the final level. Naturally, Bot games tend to give players only close to 90 experience for each game that they play. And with the League of legends, a typical game can last for up to 25 minutes. This typically means that players will have to play the game continuously for a period of 150 hours to attain the level. As it is, this is obviously too much time that can be spent in trying to level up a player’s account. However, this time could be spent on playing games that have been ranked. In the game of league of legends, the most excellent and quickest ways to level up to the maximum level of 30, is to purchase a Level 30 League account.

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