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Tell me about yourself interview answers

Posted by kellyleon on December 19th, 2019

If there's a really important question that always falls into interviews, it's the famous "Tell Me About Yourself."

It is a question with which you leave the first impression in the coach - which is then very difficult to change. It is that important. Well, I still find that many people do not prepare it - or I know if we assume that talking like that, freely, about us, is easy.

Ha, Nothing further.

Well, to avoid giving you the wrong impression, and especially to get the interviewer to be VERY positively impressed with you, I'm going to explain how you should answer this question - I'm going to give you a great tip that will really help you focus all the questions, but that in this one, because it is so open and general, it is especially important for you to focus the shot ... and don't go for petunias.

Then press play and you will tell me how my recommendations work for you!

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