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Posted by Douglas C. Wallen on December 19th, 2019

Fashionably thrifty, is there such a thing? We all love looking good and following the latest fashion trends. But with the economic suffering and our dwindling cash; how can we afford to be fashionable?

Don't lose hope. Saving money hasn't been this fashionable. Just follow these SAVE tips!

S -- Style. Have your own private style.

Personal style simply means wearing certain pieces that have become your brand. Having a signature accessory (like a big ring or a red synthetic gem bobby pin) can save you a new of trouble. How? You don't have to agonize over choosing your accessories anymore. Moreover, you can go to a dollar store or a thrift shop and discover just the right accessories for you!

Having a brand will help you reduces costs of your clothes shopping too! You don't have to blindly shop trend after trend, you can stick with pieces that go well with your brand style. You can find great jewelry, vests and other pieces Having a signature bag or a pair of jeans that always make you look good ultimately spells out fashion maven.

A -- Attention. Create a centerpiece to your outfit.

Creating a centerpiece in a outfit is easy. Choose a part of your body that you would like to draw awareness of. A good centerpiece will not stand out. Instead, it will make an outfit complete. Going to online to draw inspiration from the latest on runways is a great start. If you already know what you need (a brooch, a great necklace, a headband, etc). head about the nearest consignment store.busco un chollo You can purchase what you need their at half the price offered in malls.

V -- Versatility. Try online pre-loved shopping.

Pre-loved is just another term for "secondhand". Try shopping online for pre-loved items. These usually sell for half the original retail price. A great destination for a find pre-loved items are sites like craiglist. com, prelovedjunkies. com and even social networking sites like multiply. com. Don't be scared to try this out. You'll get lots of bargains!

E -- Embrace. Talk to other thrifty fashionistas.

No man is an island. Consequently, no fashionista should bold bargain shopping alone. Connect with other fashionistas through online discussion boards, blogs and social networking. By doing so, you'll be updated not only with the latest trends but also with the hottest sales and fashion steals. Need I say more?

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