Get Your Business Festive Ready With These Christmas Packaging Ideas

Posted by Marinos Stamatopoulos on December 19th, 2019

There are multiple benefits of using packaging specifically designed for Christmas. By using the right design you will be able to ensure that it matches the Christmas spirit. Let us look at some Christmas packaging ideas to get your business ready for the holiday season.

Top Christmas Packaging Ideas

Top Christmas Packaging Ideas

Tips on Blending Different Colors

Use Christmas Colors

Red and green are used to symbolize Christmas lights, trees, and ornaments. As such, by including these two holiday colors in your product packaging design you will be able to make your products ready for Christmas. Apart from these Christmas colors, you can also make use of gold and black during this festive season. Gold symbolizes luxury and black stands for simplicity and elegance. When combined together, both these colors can further enhance your Christmas product packaging design.

Tips on Different Style Inspirations

Try Rustic Designs

Rustic designs help in creating warmth and usher in simplicity into your product packaging design. For instance, you can use earthy brown and it will perfectly work with prints of mono-colors such as gold, grey, black, or white. You do not require complex Christmas designs for designing something that would look astonishing, it is possible to achieve desired effect with a simple kraft tape or ribbon that has the festive patterns to achieve desired results.

Utilize Minimalism

Nowadays, the trend is shifting towards use of minimalism and tranquil designs. To create designs that inculcate minimalism all you will have to do is use simple prints that contain toned colors and elegant fonts. In addition, you can utilize natural and white cardboard for creating a subtle festive look and feel.

Tips on Using Print Finishes

Try Embossing

Embossing gives your product an upscale look and feel. You can utilize embossing to create 3D effect over surface of your packaging. Embossing will help you put sense of touch to good use. If the boxes have unusual construction then embossing will further enhance their appearance. Moreover, you can mix embossing with hot stamping for creating a luminescent effect over your product packaging.

Experiment with Hot Stamping

It is a technique that is used for laminating certain section of the packaging by utilizing glowing foil. The outcome of hot stamping is a pattern that looks very glossy and original. You can start by adding such hot stamping to company's logo or design a festive symbol that contains a texture that is hot stamped. Another thing your packaging company Toronto can experiment with would be hot stamped lining that is added to text which has been printed on Christmas focused packaging. Hot stamping particularly works well when you have rigid boxes.

Utilize a Hashtag

Printing a holiday related hashtag can be an excellent advertising strategy and encourage your clients to visit your online business. This way you will be able to bring all the customers are one online portal and allow them to share details of packaging that your company has designed. Additionally, hashtags can be printed in the form of stickers and used anywhere you want to.

Tips for Using Packaging Fillers

Paper Shreds and Wood Wool

Paper shreds and wood wool are an excellent idea that your packaging company Toronto can use as packaging fillers. These fillers can be in festive colors such as gold, green, or red or in their natural colors. This helps in beautifully presenting your products and would prove to be effective in branding your business.

Create Partitions and Custom Inserts

Special partitions can help make the packaging look tidy. For example, cardboard inserts enhance package's security and ensure that the product reaches the customer in undamaged state as well as in order. Similarly, custom inserts can be of different types such as a drawer box that has a sliding bottom can be the right option for small products like a candle jar.

Tips for External Add-ons

Try Ribbons

Ribbon is considered the best accessory for gift boxes. By using unique ideas you can turn it into subtle novelty for your packaging design and utilize it as a form of branding. Moreover, multiple ribbons can be used for creating an intricate pattern.

Use Holiday Labels

Label provides all necessary information about your company as well as about things present within the package. You can transform a simple looking cardboard box into something entirely different by using a colorful festive label. The label can also be used for wishing all your clients a Merry Christmas.

Innovate with Stickers

These are small elements which can be added anywhere you like. As part of the Christmas product packaging design, these stickers can include a note wishing customers Merry Christmas or have a small holiday symbol. In addition, stickers can be used by your printing company Toronto to print the logo as part of your branding initiatives.

Add Christmas Ornaments

If your product is being sold at a store then package design can include extra elements. For instance, you can include a small jingle bell over the box so that it spreads the Christmas spirit.

Tips for Add-ons On the Interior

You can make use of thoughtfully ornamented tissue paper as a second layer of covering to build anticipation when the box is opened. Moreover, it will help in creating an upscale and slick feel for the entire package.

Include a Wishes Note

By adding some personal touch you will be able to further enhance your Christmas packaging. For example, if your Christmas packaging includes a personalized note consisting of Christmas wishes then it will be liked and appreciated by your customers. The wish note can be placed inside a branded envelop or include in a mailing bag that is part of your product packaging.

Add a Customized Message

A customized message printed inside the box will certainly make your customers happy. The message will tell customers how special they are for you and can also provide Christmas greetings.

Design a Packaging Set

Packaging company Toronto can develop a packaging set specially meant for the holiday season that also carries your branding message. For instance, a simple paper bag can become an outside layer to protect the box. In addition, it can be a great way of branding your product with your logo and Christmas colors embossed on the paper bag. Additionally, the product can be wrapped in customized tissue papers and kept in a special mailer box.

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