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iPad Visitor Sign in App – A New Level of Security for Your Front Desk

Posted by Visitly on December 19th, 2019

While all walks of our lives have been touched by automation a long time back, today, basic automation does not serve any purpose anymore. All customer-oriented and service-focused companies today are experimenting with digitized methods to provide seamless experiences to their customers. Since visitor sign-in is the first point of interaction between an organization and a guest, it needs to be fail-safe and enjoyable too. For the front office and reception, the iPad visitor sign-in App seems to be doing just this.

Even if the front office job is computerized, there is bound to be delayed because it is still being operated manually. With the iPad visitor sign-in app, the flow of the check-in process is, to a great extent, in the hands of the visitor or the customer. The best thing about the device and app combination is that it facilitates a smooth flow of visitor movement, in and out of the premises, with minimal manual interference. Additionally, such a system allows for an instant printout of visitor badges, which helps manage events better.

While the continuous visitor movement is one aspect, the other benefit that organizations cannot ignore using this app is the enhanced security. From getting instant notifications about the arrival of an expected or unexpected visitor to capturing the image and all data of the guest, there are features that make the iPad Visitor Sign-in App a worthwhile investment. Taking security to another level, features that add a second layer of security to your brand include:

  • All data of visitors captured in real-time – no scope of fudging or faking information possible.
  • Visitor badges have check-in time and also the name of the employee that they are meeting. No chance of any error in tracking the visitor.
  • The smartest iPad Visitor Sign-in App also has the visitors sign on the NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement during their check-in process. This helps secure the confidential details of all aspects associated with the brand.

Using the app not only helps create a positive impression about the organization, it also makes the entire guest check-in process foolproof eliminating all the possible errors that the manual or even the automated systems were afflicted with.

About the Author:

This article has been written by Nageswara Reddy who is the Chief Technology Officer of the company Visitly LLC. Visitly LLC is a Visitor Management software company that believes that as a budding business or a small shop, you should not have to pay tons of money to get enterprise-grade solutions. Therefore, they offer the most affordable pricing, so that you can modernize and optimize sign in experience with Visitly visitor management app for your visitors.

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