5 Types Of Masonic Regalia and Their Significance

Posted by harryjoy on December 19th, 2019

In freemasonry, Mason Regalia are the garments and pieces of accessories that give the Freemasons a unique identity during ceremonial gatherings and meetings. Even these garments and accessories for Freemasons are symbols of pride to be a part of this prestigious organization. The demand of Masonic Regalia increases as the Freemasons continue to make their bond stronger with their beliefs.

Here we’ve mentioned types of Masonic Regalia and their importance in Freemasonry.


Freemasons wear gloves with pride as they are a symbol of pure heart and clean hands. Since white gloves are spotless, the custom of wearing masonic gloves signifies that a man’s hand should always be spotless as gloves. A newly initiated Freemason is always given a pair of white gloves in traditional customs to wear them on every special occasion and ceremony.


Aprons in Freemasonry indicate purification of life and pure heart. They are given for wearing to a lodge. The white leather apron or lambskin is an emblem of innocence and the badge of Mason. They are presented to Mason after they are free from impurities of body and mind. It reminds Masons to do no more evil to any living creature. That’s why the apron is worn with honor and dignity.


The iconic emblems, Masonic badges, represent knowledge and truth. They represent purity and something that’s invisible. The compasses and square represent the fraternity with an abstract idea. The symbols teach symbolic lessons and the traditions and beliefs of brotherhood. The badges are considered to be more honorable than Roman Eagle and Golden Fleece. Also, the badges are a reminder of human thoughts and that God is observing everything.


Jewels represent the feelings of universal brotherhood. Many members of Freemasonry wear jewels like pins, rings, pocket watches, cufflinks, and more. Each Mason can select and buy the best masonic regalia online as per his taste and budget.

Rings, mostly the Past masters signify the higher rank. The jewels are made with no less than 10 karats of gold. On the other hand, Masonic pins, keychains, pocket watches, and pendants represent the degrees.

Capes and crowns

Keeping the head covered in the presence of superiors is not only a tradition but a mark of respect. Crowns were historically worn by Kings to signify their rank.

While the king’s head is covered with a crown, others stand around without their hats. The worshipful master wears Masonic hats to show his earned privilege. Covering their heads is an indication of a higher position.

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