WOW classic: Okuyama and Warsong Battlefield

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on December 20th, 2019

After nearly a month of waiting, the two battlefields of "World of Warcraft" nostalgia Alterac Valley and Warsong Canyon were officially launched a few days ago. Players can participate in these two battlefield battles and fight for their own camp.

Warsong Canyon
Test your teamwork in the 10v10 Capture the Flag battlefield. The first team to capture the opponent's three flags will win, and receive honor points to increase PvP levels and a large number of World of Warcraft Classic Gold.
To join the battlefield, your character needs to be at least level 10, and then talk to the battlefield officer in the main city to join the queue. If you want to take an adventure, you can also head to the battlefield entrance of the Northern Barrens (Horde) or Ashenvale (Alliance).
You will match other players with the following level range:
Range 1: 10–19, Range 2: 20–29, Range 3: 30–39, Range 4: 40–49, Range 5: 50–59, Range 6: 60.

Alterac Valley
Entering the battlefield of the Alterac Valley requires preparation for every step of the battle. You need to work closely with your team in the 40v40 melee to see which side is the final winner.

To join the Alterac Valley battlefield queue, your character needs to be at least level 51, and then talk to the battlefield officer in the main city to join the queue. Or you can head to Alterac Valley in person and wait to join the battlefield.
You and your team need to work together to complete the PvE and PvP goals to win. You need to occupy key locations, such as mines, sentry towers, cemeteries, etc. These can help you advance on the map and help you complete the main goal-destroy the generals of the enemy camp: Alliance's Vandal Thunder Spear Tribe of Draketar. Destroying enemy sentry towers and destroying the elite who protect the generals will make this task easier for you and your team.
You can also turn in resources from monsters, enemy guards, and players for extra buffs and
WOW Classic Gold, help your squad crush the enemy.

Gaining Prestige Guard (Alliance) or Frostwolf Clan (Tribe) reputation on the battlefield also unlocks new rewards. You can complete a variety of missions on the battlefield to gain extra reputation.

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