Here’s A Great Way To Overdo It On The Desserts This Winter, With Zero Adverse E

Posted by Liz Seyi on December 20th, 2019

The colder months of the year, we’ll always insist, bring certain advantages. Yes, it’s grey and drizzly everywhere, and you have to wait a whole six months or more to be able to show off that beach body again (yeah, we know how hard you worked on it). But we’re also coming up to the festive season, which always offers plenty of reason for cheer.

Speaking of cheer, one potential downside of the Yuletide season is the almost certain fact of being forced to spend more time indoors. This, in turn, might make you more than a little susceptible to indulging in all manner of sweet treats and desserts to lift your mood.

Well, we’ve always taken pride in being useful here at £1 Vape, so here’s the deal: instead of buying all of that fattening high-calorie stuff in bulk this Christmas and seriously regretting it come January, Shop For Dessert E-Juice Flavoursfrom our online store. You’ll end up feeling just as good, while preserving that hard-won toned waistline.

We’ve got all the bases covered when it comes to treats


What kind of thing do you find yourself snacking on that little bit too much each winter? Liquorice, perhaps? Well, we’re here to save you with our succulently sweet and salty Blackcurrant Liquorice e-liquid, not to mention a Blackjaxx e-juice that’ll even enable you to avoid a black-stained tongue.

Or maybe it’s those old childhood-favourite sweets that you keep coming back to, and which you can evoke your old memories of in a much healthier way through the likes of our Lemon Sherbetand Pink Square Candy e-liquids?

That’s without us even getting onto the subject of that fruit crumble your parents used to treat you to when you’d been good, and which you might find yourself overdoing it on sometimes today. Well, we can assist you there too, with our irresistible Blackberry Crumble e-liquid that brings back all of the butter vanilla crumble taste combined with rich, slightly sweetened blackberry.

Yes, we really have invented a great way to ‘comfort eat’!


Of course, our e-liquids aren’t for consumption in any manner other than vaping, but you’ll still feel as if you are seriously treating yourself when you experience all of those gorgeously sweet dessert sensations in e-juice form.

And with each one of them available for just a quid from us, you can shop for dessert e-juice flavours while losing hardly any pounds (save for those evident when you step on the scales each morning).

Seriously, there’s only one way to indulge this winter – the £1 Vape way!

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