How to Choose and Place Retail Cash Checkout Wrap Counter in a Store?

Posted by rdodisplay on December 20th, 2019

After merchandise, the checkout wrap counter is a critical part of any store. It’s the last place in your store where you can compel buyers to indulge in impulse buying for increasing the average sale amount of total shopping. It is also key to great customer loyalty and engagement. This is the main reason that people put significant effort while choosing the right retail cash checkout wrap counters and on their placement.

Before discussing this, let’s take a quick look at what all items one can place on the Retail Cash Checkout Wrap Counter for increasing the sale of a store. It is a wise strategy to stock those products at the counters that actually do not include in the shopping list of customers but they actually need them and realize the fact when they see those items. Some of the possible items are:

  • Seasonal products like decorative items, greeting cards, etc.
  • Gift cards and sales items
  • Consumables like different sizes of batteries
  • Kids’ products
  • Accessories of the core product (For instance, if you are dealing in an apparel store, prefer placing handkerchiefs, socks, etc.)
  • Food and drink items like chewing gum, chocolates, etc.

Important Tips

If you have decided to place any one of the following items on the checkout counters, do not overwhelm the area by placing too many options. Second, keep checking items on a regular basis for preventing out-of-date stock. Third, keep all these items at an eye level to create long-lasting impression on the customers’ minds.

Now, coming to the moot point, select the right size of the cash wrap counters after evaluating the following points:

  • The preferred shape of the retail cash checkout wrap counter on the basis of merchandise needs to place and space available at the retail store
  • Do you sell such merchandise that needs wrapping or bagging?

 Best Shape of Retail Cash Checkout Wrap Counters for Store

These cash wrap counters are basically available in three configurations:

  • A single countertop as a free-standing island
  • A two-part unit where one section is placed parallel to the wall and another is placed facing customers
  • Three-part design

The two or three shaped configuration works best when you deal with such merchandise that requires wrapping, want to restrict unauthorized access behind the store and have ample space in a store.

So, decide upon these things and place an order for Customer Cash Wrap Counters online available. Choose a reputed manufacturer and supplier so that you get quality items at an affordable price range.

Summary: Retail cash checkout counters are used for increasing sales of the store by placing those items that indulge customers in impulse buying. These checkout counters are available in single, two and three units. Choose these counters wisely so that it increases sales of the product.

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