Top ASTPP Modules and Add-ons to Enhance Billing of Your VoIP Business

Posted by Rogers Jack on December 20th, 2019

ASTPP has been a renowned VoIP solution as for more than 13 years, it has offered an open source VoIP billing solution to its global users. With the launch of the latest version of ASTPP which is ASTPP 4, the community has introduced a smart telephony platform.

The ASTPP 4 has a wide array of VoIP solutions to offer to the VoIP businesses such as class 4 softswitch, class 5 softswitch, multi tenant IP PBX, fax over IP, and many more. This way this smart VoIP solution offers the complete platform to run any VoIP telephony business. Furthermore, ASTPP 4 offers the most powerful VoIP billing solution. It has amazing core features and modules that offer a complete smart billing solution to VoIP businesses.

1. Core VoIP billing solution

The core ASTPP 4 system has an inbuilt billing system. It has different features which allow VoIP businesses to add different offerings as products in the product module and then create rate cards and package. The VoIP business can create unlimited rate cards and packages based on different VoIP products and services it has to sell. The core solution also lets VoIP businesses to define or import call rates, which would be applied to the customers. The companies can take the benefit of these features to create and assign packages as well as to apply custom rates to different customers and groups of customers.

2. Custom rates

It is one of the add-ons available to the ASTPP 4 users. This module can be used to cater to customers with specific traits. For example, if there is a customer that is a long term client or who has given you a lot of reference business, then the VoIP business can charge custom rates to him. The custom rate means it overrides the package assigned to the customer and charges him as per the defined custom rates. One can create different custom rates based on the different types of factors and assign the same to the customer or group of customers.

Resellers can also create custom rates to increase their business with their own business strategy.

3. Lossless billing

Along with the traditional billing, ASTPP 4 also supports lossless billing. It means based on the importance of customer and business strategy, VoIP business or user can apply lossless billing. Lossless billing is generally used to build a strong relation with the customer.


ASTPP 4 is a smart telephony platform. Along with offering a smart VoIP solution, it offers the most powerful VoIP billing software. The ASTPP 4 provides the functionality to its users to create different rate cards and packages as well as custom rates to assign it to the customer or group of customers. The system will charge the customer based on the package or custom rates assigned to him, plus, its usage. It can be used with other VoIP solutions available within ASTPP 4 as well as with any other open source or proprietary VoIP software.

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