Why A Photo booth is a Must for Your Office X-mas Party This Year?

Posted by Think Photo Booths on December 20th, 2019

Regardless of whether it is a birthday celebration, an anniversary or even an action-packed, office X-mas event- PHOTOBOOTHS ARE A POPULAR INCLUSION! These arrangements allow you to capture all your fun pictures- some even in hilarious poses and create a boat-load of memories to cherish for life.

Quality photo booth hire service providers in Melbourne offer you a plethora of props and image customisation options to turn your every image into a priced collection. You can even request its operator to change the background, lights and even GIF animation according to how you want your photos to appear.

So, if you’re planning an exciting X-mas party in honour of all your hard-working employees, then this photo booth arrangement should be included- without any second-thoughts. They can take the excitement level to a different level and allow each of your employees, guests, and their family to have a wonderful time this X-mas Eve.

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But that’s not the only reason why you should include a Photo booth hire arrangement for your excited and frenzied employees.

Photo Booths Is A Wonderful Marketing Tool:-

Believe it! Every quality photo booth service provider in Melbourne include the option of image sharing directly to the social media profiles. And obvious, your employees will upload all their wonderful clicks (customised with their desired GIFs, animations and props) on either their personal profile or the company’s. This will lead to a lot of people viewing, liking, sharing and even commenting on it.

You can also custom print the photos with your company emblem (water-marked or added at the bottom) to help introduce the brand and give it the exposure it needs. Custom design photos with the company brand are also a way to garner attention and the opinions of those clients who could not make it to the celebration. So, it offers you ample branding opportunities to maximise your business exposure. The best part of it all is that it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

Helps Spread the X-Mas Spirit:-

The whole point of an X-mas party is to spread the spirit of the event and bring everyone together. With a photo booth addition to your X-mas office party, you can easily do that. By making your employees come out of their comfort zone and giving them the freedom to cut loose, you will find all your workers grabbing props and striking their best poses. Furthermore, with the inclusion of a photo booth arrangement; you bring together workers from different departments (even floors) and give them the opportunity to chat with people whom they wouldn’t otherwise.

These booths do help spread the spirit of X-mas among everyone present, and that makes it another convincing reason you should include it.

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A Welcome Stress-BUSTER for Your Workers:-

In that period leading up to the X-mas party, all your employees with be under a lot of pump. Along with the regular day’s work pressure and tight deadlines to meet, making time to plan the office event with some fellow enthusiasts will not be easy!

But all of that will be forgotten, the moment your employees see a photo booth hire arrangement as a chief inclusion to the office X-mas party. The moment they grab hold of those large-sized goggles or moustaches and pose crazily for their pictures, all of their woes, tension and tediousness will turn into pixie dust and float away.

A photo booth hire for your office party in Melbourne has the power to do that. By putting everyone’s mind at ease and bringing smiles on their faces, it will prove to be the best way to begin your holiday season.

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