How to Repair Leakages in Terrace and Concrete Roofs?

Posted by vivek choudhary on December 20th, 2019

Moisture is a building’s worst enemy. It can cause water infiltration and wreck havoc in the structural integrity of the building. There are ways to curb this kind of infestation. Waterproofing is a method of making any surface water-resistant or impossible to penetrate. This measure of safety is taken usually during the construction process to stop any moisture from the soil, water or vapour to penetrate the building. Waterproofing Solutions in Delhi are aplenty and can help in creating a longer life for the building. There are various ways in which it is easy to manage leakages in terraces and concrete roofs.

  1. Identify the Source

The primal step is to find and identify where the damage is coming from and how bad is it. You need to check your entire roof surface and look for water leakages or accumulated water. You will need to inspect plumbing lines thoroughly as these are the familiar sources of leakage. Professional contractors do these inspections, and it’s not a job for an ordinary person as you need adequate knowledge to identify the exact level of damage. You can look for Waterproofing Contractors in Delhi to take a look at your roof.

  1. Fill all the Cracks

Wear and can make concrete prone to cracks and holes. Water penetrates quickly through these spaces, which leads to more damage and leakage. So, it would help if you fill these cracks from time to time. You can do this yourself or hire professionals to do it. When there is an inspection regarding the levels of damage, you get to know how much work needs to be put in to fix the whole thing.

  1. Regular Maintenance

This is a need to emphasize that there is a need to have regular maintenance continually. You should schedule maintenance at least twice a year to protect your building. Concrete is easily susceptible to scaling, spalling and cracking, which leads to other issues that come about due to regular wear and tear. So in these cases, regular maintenance through any Roof Waterproofing Company in Delhi can be done to avoid any damage to your roof.

  1. Do it for the Property Value.

When you’re calculating the costs of waterproofing, they might feel like it’s a lot, but in the long run, it is cost-effective. Apart from the initial expense for waterproofing, if you face severe damage, then the cost goes higher to fix the damages. Also, waterproofed exteriors and interiors can be beneficial during re-sale as they add value to your home in the real estate market. Thus, it’s best to get your house waterproofed.

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